15 Safar 1443 - 23 September 2021
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Saudi Food and Drug Authority

Saudi Food and Drug Authority

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The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) was established under the Council of Ministers resolution no (1) dated 07/01/1424 H, as an independent body corporate that directly reports to The President of Council of Ministers. The Authority objective is to ensure safety of food and drug for man and animal, and safety of biological and chemical substance as well as electronic products. The main purpose of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority establishment is to regulate, oversee, and control food, drug, medical devices, as well as to set mandatory standard specifications thereof, whether they are imported or locally manufactured. The control and/or testing activities can be conducted in the SFDA or other agency's laboratories. Moreover, the SFDA is in charge of consumers’ awareness on all matters related to food, drug and medical devices and all other products and supplies. The main objectives of SFDA can be outlined as follows: ● Observe the safety, security, and effectiveness of food and drug for humans and animal. ● Observe the safety of complementary biological and chemical substances, cosmetics and pesticides. ● Observe the safety of medical devices and its impact on public health. ● Ensure accuracy and safety of medical and diagnostic devices. ● Launch clear policies and procedures for food and drug, and plan to achieve and implement these policies. ● Conduct research and applied studies to identify health problems, their causes, determine its impact on public, with the consideration of methods for research / studies evaluation. ● Control and supervise licenses procedures for food, drugs and medical devices factories. ● Disseminate and exchange information with local and international scientific and legal agencies, and setting up a database for food and drug. In 2008, the Cosmetic Department has been established under Drug Sector responsibility. The department has taken into consideration the responsibility of regulation of cosmetic importation and local manufactured products. Cosmetic products are widely known for their safety once it is used for their purpose and if adhered to the international and local regulations and guidelines. They are easily distinguished from medicines as they lack any medical effects or treatments. Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) takes the responsibility of regulating cosmetic products manufacturing, importation and marketing. Furthermore, SFDA has started issuing the specialized directive and guidelines to ensure cosmetic products’ safety. In consequence, SFDA established an electronic system (eCosma) to regulate cosmetic products relevant processes. The cosmetic notification system (eCosma) is mainly responsible for the configuration of implementation of the regulations over cosmetic manufacturing, importation and marketing processes. It receives the required information and then – if they are compatible with the relevant guidelines- it issues the license and notification certificates. The eCosma system is divided to many sections, these are clearance, domestic manufacture licensing, warehouse licensing, product notification beside issuing GMP certificate for the local manufacture.

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قرض Jose luis ، نقدم قروضًا نقدية من 5000 يورو إلى 50000 يورو ، ونمول أيضًا المشاريع من 50000 يورو إلى 300000 يورو بمعدل سنوي 2٪ لأي شخص أو شركة بحاجة إلى قرض. المال لتلبية بعض احتياجاتهم.
إذا كنت بحاجة إلى مساعدة ، فيرجى إخبارنا بالمقدار الذي تحتاجه والمطلوب
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