17 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445 - 25 May 2024
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Global Educational Exhibition of Development and Support 2024

Global Educational Exhibition of Development and Support 2024

16 - 18 May, 2024 from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM (GMT+3)
Jeddah Hilton Hotel, AlQser Hall , Jeddah
Phone: +9966541777600
Email: [email protected]
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Global Educational and Technology Exhibition for Development and Support.

Dear Educational and Technology Sectors representatives, 

We invite you to participate in the most critical Global Exhibition of Education and Technology's Suppliers and Services in Saudi Arabia.GEDS 4" will be held at the Hilton Hotel ( in the big Hall), Jeddah KSA, May-16-18, 2024; it will allow you to shine in the EDU & TECH industry market and be part of Saudi’s Vision 2030. This event brings industry leaders and practitioners together to showcase trends and identify the latest achievements in the educational and technology sector. https://www.ges-platform.com/geds-expo-2024/https-wwwges-platformcom-geds-expo-2024

Why should you participate and visit?

Education Technology Companies:  including software, hardware, e-learning platforms, and educational apps.
Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, universities, vocational training centers, courses, and educational approaches.
EdTech Startups: Newly established tech companies with innovative products or services related to education and technology.
Publishers and Content Providers: Companies offering educational content, digital resources, textbooks, and educational materials.
Consulting and Training Firms: Organizations providing consulting, training, and professional development services for educators and institutions.
Government and Regulatory Bodies: Representatives from government education departments involved in education policy and regulation.
Educational Associations: Professional organizations representing educators, administrators, and other education professionals.
Industry Associations: Associations related to the technology and education sectors.
Investors and Venture Capitalists: Individuals or firms interested in investing in promising education technology startups.
Service Providers: Companies offering IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, e-learning platform development, and more.
Research Institutions: Organizations engaged in educational research and development, showcasing their findings and projects.
International Partners: Representatives from foreign educational institutions and organizations interested in collaboration and partnerships.
Industry Experts and Speakers: Individuals with expertise in education and technology who can deliver keynote speeches or workshops.
Training Centers for Scientific Talent Development: Invite organizations specializing in talent development and scientific training to showcase their programs, courses, and success stories.
School Supplies & Environment: Offering school supplies, classroom equipment, and eco-friendly solutions for educational institutions.
Safety and Security Programs: Specializing in school safety and security solutions, emphasizing the importance of a secure learning environment.
Technology-Related to Education: Dedicate an area to educational technology, featuring innovative board manufacturers, display screens, computer suppliers, e-learning platform developers, and software providers.
Other: Scouting and Summer Activities, School Meals, Education, and Entertainment. And Student Associations:

Why Should You Attend GEDS EXPO 2024?
GEDS EXPO 2024 promises an exceptional opportunity to showcase your innovations, products, and services in the dynamic fields of Education and Technology. Here's why you shouldn't miss it:
Comprehensive Platform: GEDS is the sole event that unites the diverse needs of the Education and Business sectors, encompassing Technology, Suppliers, and Services, all under one roof.
Global Reach: This event transcends borders, drawing attendees and participants from across Saudi Arabia and worldwide.
International Recognition: GEDS has garnered international acclaim following its successful editions in recent years, attracting visionaries and influencers from both within the Kingdom and beyond.
Cutting-Edge Workshops and Lectures: Immerse yourself in workshops and lectures featuring thought leaders and experts as they delve into the latest and most critical topics in the Education and Technology sectors.
Exposure to Emerging Industries: GEDS is a hub for the latest developments in education and technology, providing a platform for networking, innovation, and collaboration.
Direct Interaction: Forge directly connects with educational institutions, universities, training centers, and schools. Additionally, engage with students and parents to communicate your offerings effectively.
Investment Opportunities: Connect with businesses and organizations poised to invest in Saudi Arabia, one of the world's fastest-growing economies.
High-Profile Audience: Meet decision-makers and your target audience in a condensed timeframe, maximizing your reach and impact.

Who Should Participate?
Training centers for scientific talent development.
School Supplies & Environment
Publishing houses and educational programs
Safety and Security Programs
Education and Entertainment
School meals
The use of smart boards, display screens, computers, e-learning programs, and

Rfaha of Exhibitions and Conferences
Rfaha of Exhibitions and Conferences
Contact Person: Ms.Eman Khankan
Website: Click Here
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