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Technology & IT | Friday 14 February, 2020 1:55 am |

2020 Safer Internet Day: TikTok Launches In-App Safety Quiz to Raise Awareness Around Online Safety and Spread Positivity

To mark this year’s Safer Internet Day (SID), TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, is launching an in-app quizz to support the annual initiative and equip its millions of users around the world with online safety tips. 


TikTok has quickly become an increasingly popular platform for creative expression, showcasing a wide range of localized content from a diverse community across the Middle East region and global markets. As part of its continuous efforts to offer its users tools with which they can manage their online presence, the quiz highlights topics such as advice on not to share account details, phishing awareness, as well as the best practices of utilizing TikTok safety settings to take control of users' online presence and wellness.

Promoting a safe and positive app environment is TikTok's number one priority, which is why it has a number of measures in place today to protect users against misuse. These tools and tips include privacy settings, filters, in-app reporting, and moderation, and can all be found on TikTok’s Safety Centre. 


Additionally, earlier this year in January, TikTok released a comprehensive, expanded publication of its Community Guidelines that define a common code of conduct for the platform and reflect the company’s driving philosophy to provide a positive online environment for creative self-expression while remaining safe, diverse, and authentic. TikTok's guidelines help users understand when and why certain restrictions are placed and shed light on the type of content and behaviour that isn't allowed on the platform.


Through its yearly participation in Safer Internet Day, TikTok is playing an important role in raising awareness and addressing the critical and latest challenges in online safety today.  

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