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Business & Money | Thursday 25 January, 2024 11:40 am |

3rd Edition of HR World Summit Set to Redefine the Future of Talent Management in Saudi Arabia Physical Conference on the 15th of February

The field of human resource management (HRM) is undergoing a significant transformation in the fast-paced Saudi Arabian economy, where innovation and technology are the driving forces of business. Businesses in Saudi Arabia are using artificial intelligence (AI) and human resource management (HRM) to redefine leadership, employee development, and talent acquisition. This change is consistent with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, which has high goals.

Vision 2030 is a game-changing plan for Saudi Arabia's future that places a strong emphasis on building human capital and a knowledge-based economy. AI is essential in this endeavour because it provides real-time information and data-driven insights to visionary leaders. Saudi Arabian companies can achieve Vision 2030 goals by streamlining vital operations and increasing efficiency with the integration of AI in HRM.

By complementing AI with human input, leaders can develop a workforce that upholds Saudi Arabian society's key values while embracing modern technology for advancement. Saudi Arabian companies must stay steadfast in their adherence to Vision 2030's tenets as they enter the AI-powered HRM era. HR directors are essential in promoting a culture of learning and adaptability and making sure teams have the tools necessary to use AI efficiently.

Saudi Arabian leaders are enabling their organisations to achieve exceptional success by embracing AI's potential in HRM and adhering to Vision 2030's ambitions. This is propelling the country's progress towards a wealthy and sustainable future.


The HR50 World Summit powered by PeopleStrong - Asia's choice of HR Tech is an exclusive, invitation-only event for HR leaders in Saudi Arabia. This in-person strategic gathering offers a unique platform for learning and networking, addressing industry challenges and identifying best practices.

Recognizing the importance of tackling current HR issues and preparing for the future, the summit, attended by 150+ HR professionals, including CHROs, Directors, and Heads of various domains, provides transformative insights and essential tools to align HR initiatives with national visions and organizational goals.

The event will cover topics such as:

  • The Vital Role-played by Human Resources in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.
  • Future of Work Unveiled - Navigating Tomorrow's Workplace Through Leadership Transformation and Rule-Breaking Innovation.
  • Unleashing Unity - Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Saudi Arabia's Workforce.
  • Unleashing HR Brilliance - Embracing Digital Transformation and Mastering Technology Integration.
  • Thriving Minds, Flourishing Lives - Nurturing Employee Well-being and Mental Resilience.


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