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Tourism & Hospitality | Saturday 14 October, 2023 3:02 am |

AlUla Wellness Festival Embraces Connection with Nature

AlUla Moments has unveiled additional insights to enhance visitor engagement and foster their connection with the nature in AlUla. The festival is scheduled to take place from the 19th of October to the 4th of November, and it has expanded its schedule to include new activities: The Heritage Restoration Experience, Reviving Nature Experience, and Eco-Gardening. There are also other offers, such as the Silent Hike, that allow visitors to connect with the silence of the natural deserts and canyons of AlUla.


The activities are designed to help attendees establish a meaningful connection between the human mind and soul with the wonders of nature.


Rami AlMoallim, Vice President, Destination Management and Marketing at the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), said: "Celebrating the beauty of the natural wonders of AlUla at this edition of Wellness Festival is not just about finding wellness in ourselves, but also in the world around us. Nature, with its timeless serenity, serves as our greatest wellness partner.”


Listing the top activities to engage with nature during the festival:


Heritage Restoration Experience (Date: October 19 to November 30)


The Heritage Restoration, as the name implies, offers visitors a unique opportunity to engage with AlUla's cultural heritage by delving into the art of mudbrick house construction. This hands-on experience allows participants to learn about and actively participate in the creation of these traditional structures. 


This event is suitable for those who are interested in engaging with the history of AlUla, and would like to leave a lasting impact during their time in AlUla. The ticket price is inclusive of a welcome drink, continued refreshments throughout the experience, necessary vests and PPE to be worn during the construction process, and a souvenir to take home. 


Reviving Nature Experience (Date: October 19 to November 30)


An immersive journey that allows visitors to learning about circular design whilst working with palm fronds from AlUla's farms. Participants will actively engage in weaving individual petals by hand, which will then be placed on our monumental sculpture named “Tanafaas” (In Arabic means: Breath). This experience shares the importance of a collective vision towards sustainability, promoting environmental consciousness, and fostering a connection to nature. 


The Reviving Nature Experience combines creativity, education, and community to bring to life a sculpture which will stand as an example of how each of us have a role to play as an individual, which comes together to collectively make an impact! 


The ticket price is inclusive of a 70-minute weaving workshop, a 10-minute natural dyes workshop, a welcome drink, continued refreshments throughout the experience, necessary aprons and PPE to be worn during the event, and a souvenir for each attendee to take home. The total duration will be 2 hours including the welcome orientation. 


Eco Gardening (Date: Oct 20, 2023 - Mar 06, 2024)


Exploring the rich agricultural and floral heritage of AlUla's Oasis through Eco Gardening within the AlUla Wellness festival. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the vibrant Oasis environment through an eco-gardening experience.


It's a chance to connect with the local farmers and meet the animals they care for, providing a deeper understanding of this unique ecosystem.


The Silent Hike (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, depart 8 am, return 11:30 am)


The Silent Hike offers an unforgettable opportunity for visitors—a journey through the Hidden Valley in the Arabian Desert. 


This 4 km hike provides a chance to disconnect from technology, engage in reflection, meditation, and savor the breathtaking natural splendor of AlUla. The experience culminates with a refreshing cold towel and revitalizing beverages. It's an experience not to be missed.


AlUla Wellness Festival festival curates a selection of mind, body and soul refreshing activations, along with the opportunity to engage with wellness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, and meditation experts. 


This year's program features a range of nature-centered activities. Additionally, the beloved Sanctuary Five experience returns, offering a sensory health journey that encompasses yoga and salt room therapy. Guests will immerse themselves in a wide array of activities and workshops, all designed to promote relaxation and inner connection.






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