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Business & Money | Wednesday 28 February, 2024 9:30 am |

Amazon Connect Launches Generative AI for Enhanced Productivity and Customer Service

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an Amazon.com, Inc. company (NASDAQ: AMZN), has announced new generative AI capabilities in Amazon Connect, its cloud contact center service. The enhancements include the addition of Amazon Q in Connect, which provides agents with recommended responses and actions based on real-time customer questions; Amazon Connect Contact Lens, which adds AI-generated summaries of customer conversations for quality management purposes; Amazon Lex in Amazon Connect, which uses generative AI to make it easier to build effective self-service experiences for customers; and Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, which aggregates customer data from popular software-as-a-service applications. Customers using the service include Choice Hotels, NatWest Group, NeuraFlash, Traeger Grills and USAN.

Generative AI offers an unprecedented opportunity for contact center leaders to redefine how they create and measure their customers’ experiences. Amazon Connect removes the challenges of building and deploying models in contact centers by allowing non-technical business leaders to set up a cloud contact center with generative AI capabilities within minutes.

The new generative AI capabilities of Amazon Connect include:

Amazon Q in Connect: Assists agents with recommended responses and actions for faster customer support. Amazon Q in Connect helps understand customer intents and uses relevant sources of information to deliver accurate responses and actions for the agent to communicate and resolve unique customer needs, all in real time.

Amazon Connect Contact Lens: Generates concise customer contact summaries after each interaction to provide supervisors with context-rich details. Amazon Connect Contact Lens now generates concise customer contact summaries after each interaction to provide supervisors with those context-rich details.

Amazon Lex in Amazon Connect: Simplifies bot building and creates improved self-service experiences. From the Amazon Lex administrator console, contact center administrators can create robust chatbots and IVRs by simply describing in natural language what they want the self-service system to accomplish.

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles: Automatically creates unified customer profiles for personalized customer experiences. With just a few clicks, managers can review, make any necessary edits, and complete the setup of customer profiles so contact center teams can begin providing personalized customer service that improves customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

“The contact center industry is poised to be fundamentally transformed by generative AI, offering customer service agents, contact center supervisors, and contact center administrators new ways to deliver personalized customer experiences even more effectively," said Pasquale DeMaio, vice president, Amazon Connect, AWS Applications.

In addition to these new generative AI enhancements, Amazon Connect has extended omnichannel capabilities to include out-of-the-box support for two-way SMS messaging, as well as in-app and web voice calling with support for video. These new omnichannel communications—as well as the generative AI enhancements to Amazon Lex, Amazon Q in Connect, and Amazon Connect Customer profiles—are generally available. New generative AI capabilities in Amazon Connect Contact Lens are available in preview.



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