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Eye of Dubai
Tourism & Hospitality | Saturday 4 June, 2022 3:46 pm |

‘Attack on Titan’ virtual game thrills visitors at Jeddah Season

“Attack on Titan” fans are in for a treat at the Anime Village in City Walk, one of nine zones at Jeddah Season.



At the Anime Village, visitors will find an area dedicated to “Attack on Titan,” where they can play a virtual reality game simulating the anime adventure and cardboard cutout figures of the superheroes to take pictures with.  

“In the ‘Attack on Titan’ area, you will find the superheroes of the series like Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and many more characters. Fans come here to take pictures with their favorite superhero and play a virtual reality game that immerses them in the world of ‘Attack on Titan,’” Faris Al-Jehani, supervisor of the zone, said.  

The story of the anime revolves around the sudden appearance of titans that feed on humans, who have been living in cities surrounded by huge walls for a century.

I don’t watch the anime, but the experience of the virtual reality game was awesome.

Layan Al-Khalifa, Visitor

“It's a fascinating anime with a lot of fans. According to IMBD, three episodes of ‘Attack on Titan’ got a rating of 10/10, and the overall series is rated 9/10, making it one of the best anime series of all time,” Al-Jehani added.  

The virtual reality game simulates the experience of being a part of the Survey Corps, the military branch directly involved in combat against the titans.

“The virtual reality game has attracted visitors of all ages, ranging from 40-year-olds to children,” Al-Jehani said.  

Mohammed Eissa, an 8-year-old anime fan, said the game was fun. “In the game, I was chasing the titan while running and dodging obstacles, and this virtual reality game was my favorite at Anime Village.”

Yazan Abdulhameed, 11 years old, wished there were more games like this. “Eren is my favorite character, so I was thrilled to be part of the Survey Corps in the virtual reality game, and I beat the titan. The game is fantastic. You ride a horse that speeds up as you change the gear, and there is a button that makes the horse jump, and you survive the game by dodging the titan.”

Fifteen-year-old Layan Al-Khalifa said: “Honestly, I don’t watch the anime, but the experience of the virtual reality game was awesome. There is a lot of action in the game, and it’s a great addition to Jeddah Season. I also like the reasonable game price.”

“Attack on Titan” will be at the Anime Village until June 30.

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