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Business & Money | Sunday 31 December, 2023 10:18 am |

Blossoming Horizons: Dubai Customs Women's Committee Cultivates Insights at Qatar Expo 2023

Dubai Customs, committed to empowering women and promoting their international engagement, organized an initiative through its women's committee—a fact-finding trip to the Horticultural EXPO 2023 Doha. The primary goals were to exchange experiences, learn from the practices of participating countries, and stay updated on cutting-edge technologies in sustainable agriculture, food security, and natural resource management. The delegation visited pavilions of various nations, including Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and others.




Mariam Khalifa Al Shamsi, the head of the Dubai Customs Women's Committee, highlighted the initiative's alignment with the committee's new strategy, emphasizing impactful initiatives that positively contribute to women's societal roles. The focus is on involving women in activities that enhance their understanding of diverse technological fields across various specialties. Al Shamsi noted the outstanding reception from the UAE pavilion supervisors, with Ibrahim Al Alawi, the General Commissioner, warmly welcoming the Dubai Customs women's delegation.




The itinerary included visits to distinct pavilions, such as Qatar's, themed "Green Desert, Better Environment," inspired by Ras Baroud's rocky slopes. The pavilion showcased Qatar's authentic cultural heritage and unwavering commitment to sustainability. The UAE's pavilion, themed "Legacy and Impact," presented six educational stations narrating diverse stories, highlighting the UAE's lifestyle from ancient times to the present, with an emphasis on environmental harmony and innovation.




Continuing the journey, the Saudi Arabian pavilion highlighted key areas reflecting natural landscapes, real-world initiatives, and projects aligned with Saudi Arabia's 2030 sustainable future vision. The Omani pavilion demonstrated the Sultanate's dedication to preserving its rich environment and biodiversity, with over 1,600 trees and plants offering a captivating glimpse of Oman's diverse nature.




The tour concluded with a special tribute to Dubai Customs, accepted by Mariam Al Shamsi from Haya Al Tamimi, the Events Manager at the Qatar Pavilion. Dubai Customs reciprocated the recognition, honoring the Qatar Pavilion for its warm reception, with Haya Al Tamimi receiving the accolade. Similarly, the UAE Pavilion received acknowledgment, with Ibrahim Al Alawi, the General Commissioner, accepting the award.




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