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Business & Money | Saturday 6 April, 2024 7:11 am |

DETASAD & LG Announce a Strategic partnership to Drive Technological Innovation in Saudi Arabia

In a significant move to bolster the technological framework within Saudi Arabia, DETECON AL SAUDIA DETASAD CO. LTD. (DETASAD), a prominent corporation in Saudi, and LG Electronics, are proud to announce the expansion of their Strategic partnership Agreement that serves as a foundation for their strengthened partnership.


This collaboration firmly entrenches both entities to the forefront as key players in the B2B and B2G ecosystems, integrating state-of-the-art LG technologies within the DETASAD Cognitive, Intelligent, Reactive Infrastructure (CIRI™) blueprint fully compliant with Saudi Data Sovereignty and NCA regulations. These include leading-edge LED solutions, advanced Monitor Signage, Smart Displays, and premium Hospitality TV solutions,, across various sectors within the Kingdom.


This agreement supplements DETASAD’s and LG CNS’s existing strategic alliance, underscoring an unwavering commitment to fostering smart city initiatives and spearheading AI, and digital innovation aligned with the government’s vision for a tech-forward future.


Jungho Kim, the Managing Director of LG Saudi conveyed the strategic importance of this alliance, stating, "By combining our advanced technological capabilities with DETASAD's proven distribution excellence, we are set to deliver a portfolio of products that not only redefine quality but also drive the technology business to another level in the region."


LG's cutting-edge portfolio redefines visual innovation, featuring Hospitality TV options, catering to the luxury accommodation sector, where the emphasis on guest experience is paramount, offering sleek 4K OLED TVs and smart display solutions.


LG’s array of Indoor and Outdoor LED signage, equipped with industry-leading technology and performance, is designed to create eye-catching visual experiences. The LG MAGNIT, employing pioneering Micro LED technology, delivers breathtaking viewing experiences with immersive visuals that enhance any space with its vivid colors and ultrafine details.


Additionally, LG's superior Digital Signage serves as a dynamic tool to increase sales and deliver unexpected benefits to your business. With high brightness and interactive features, these versatile displays are perfectly suited for a multitude of settings including virtual production, corporate presentations, luxury homes, retail, and transportation, ensuring that every visual communication is impactful and engaging.


Together, these products embody LG's commitment to excellence and are engineered to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and luxury settings alike. DETASAD's role as a supplier to LG and distributor channels' enhancement paves the way for superior technology offerings.


Jungho Kim, the managing Director of LG Saudi, further added: "The partnership between LG and DETASAD enables us to transform and enrich the technological landscape of Saudi Arabia. Through our collective effort, we will see LG's innovative LED solutions, high-quality displays, and intelligent systems become integral to the Kingdom's digital transformation."

Felix Wass, President&CEO of DETASAD underlined the commitment of DETASAD to #Vision2030 and the vision to build a #MadeInSaudi technology champion. “The collaboration between DETASAD and LG Electronics has achieved significant successes in a number of projects over the last 18 months. This extended scope heralds a new chapter in Saudi Arabia's technological evolution based on fully Saudi Data Sovereign solutions. As President & CEO, I am confident that our combined expertise and resources will drive us to the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses and enrich lives. Our customers will benefit from a seamlessly integrated technology platform with DETASAD CIRI™ (Cognitive, Intelligent and Reactive Infrastructure) blueprint blending the physical and virtual worlds and bringing the unlimited power of data to unlock our customers’ value. This partnership underscores our commitment to driving positive change and shaping a brighter tomorrow for the Kingdom and be an export champion."


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