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Business & Money | Friday 23 February, 2024 4:42 am |

du collaborates with Huawei to achieve high-performance 800G network speeds

du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), and Huawei have announced the successful completion of the world's first high-performance 800G in Super C+L band over OptiX OSN 9800 Kepler and M Platform. The new enhancement will further improve customer experience for using high speed 5G mobile and broadband home services.




Hasan Bulhoon Alshemeili, Head of Technology Planning at du, said: "Our partnership with Huawei in the high-performance 800G optical solution will unleash the fiber potential, marking an important step forward to fulfill our commitment to building the most-advanced optical network in UAE and positioning it as a regional hub of technology innovation."




The joint effort between du and Huawei has showcased the capability of high-performance 800G transmission with a span of 1400km in the Super C+L band system. This breakthrough technology enables seamless connectivity between data centres, offering an ultra-large capacity to meet the escalating traffic demands of customers. Furthermore, the trial successfully verified the full capacity and energy-saving capabilities of the Kepler platform, the industry's first DC-Oriented OTN platform. This achievement paves the way for the most powerful and sustainable connectivity required for emerging new services.




Victor Zhou, president of optical transmission domain at Huawei, said: "We are excited to work with du on this project, enabling du to provide premium services to its customers. Huawei will continue to invest and innovate in optical solutions, supporting du to achieve greater business success."




The high-performance 800G solution, equipped with a built-in high-baud rate bandwidth modulator and PBC non-linear compensation algorithm, extends transmission distance by 20%, greatly enhancing data transmission efficiency. Additionally, the Innovated Super C+L solution covers a remarkable 12THz spectrum, capable of transmitting up to 96Tbps per fiber, unlocking the full potential of fiber optics. OptiX Kepler, the industry's first next-generation OTN platform, adopts an advanced dual 3D orthogonal architecture to achieve over 100 Tbps of capacity in a single subrack. 




The platform's innovative heat dissipation technologies, such as intelligent Hato fans and thermal-conductive materials, not only improve heat dissipation capabilities but also significantly reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener network and site.








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