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Business & Money | Thursday 25 January, 2024 1:32 pm |

Dubai Courts’ Cases Management Department Registers Unprecedented Figures in 2023

In a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence, the Cases Management Department at Dubai Courts has made significant strides in fostering a conducive work environment and instilling a spirit of positive competition among its employees. The year 2023 witnessed the fruition of these efforts, with the department recording an impressive 582,476 operations and conducting 157,788 judicial sessions. These figures highlight the department’s unwavering commitment to maintaining its strategic advantages and achieving sustained success.




The Labor Appeal Division of the Cases Management Department at Dubai Courts has demonstrated an exemplary performance, as evidenced by the recently released figures. The division successfully executed 17,119 main operations, held 5,407 judicial sessions, and recorded 356 public notices, effectively catering to the needs of its clients




The Appeals and Objections Department at Dubai Courts has mirrored the exceptional performance seen across the board. Guided by its vision to uphold justice and provide a fair judicial environment for dispute resolution, in accordance with the laws of the Emirate of Dubai, the department has demonstrated its commitment to service. The year 2023 saw the department execute 112,667 main operations, hold 34,275 judicial sessions, and record 6,763 public notices, all in the service of its clients. 




A specialized judicial team at the Dubai Courts, adept at handling commercial cases, has left an indelible mark in the realm of commercial litigation. The team’s steadfast dedication to client service was prominently on display in 2023, as evidenced by the execution of 127,645 main operations, the holding of 32,041 judicial sessions, and the issuance of 13,462 public notices.




The Real Estate Cases Department at Dubai Courts has executed 28,669 main operations, held 7,293 judicial sessions, and recorded 3,194 public notices. These actions are in line with the department’s objectives of providing a fair and transparent judicial environment for individuals and companies in the real estate sector. By offering swift and equitable solutions to real estate disputes, the department contributes substantially to enhancing real estate investments and fostering stability in Dubai’s real estate market




In a concerted effort to bolster the protection of workers’ rights and foster a fair and sustainable work environment, the Labor Cases Department at Dubai Courts has made remarkable progress. The department recorded 174,350 main operations, conducted 53,502 judicial sessions, and executed 5,993 public notices in 2023. These actions have contributed to the stability of the labor market and have further enhanced Dubai’s reputation as a global hub for business and investment.




The Civil Cases Department at Dubai Courts has made tremendous advancements in its mission to provide a fair and transparent judicial environment for individuals and companies. In 2023, the department registered 47,676 main operations, held 15,913 judicial sessions, and recorded 4,653 public notices. These actions underscore the department’s commitment to facilitating the resolution of civil disputes and upholding justice.





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