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Business & Money | Sunday 28 January, 2024 9:43 am |

Dubai Customs Makes History as Sole Customs Department in International Test Commission, Elevating Talent Leadership

The Assessment and Development Center in the Human Resources Division at Dubai Customs has become a member of the International Test Commission, making Dubai Customs the sole global customs department in the commission. This accomplishment further enhances the government department's reputation for excellence and leadership. The International Test Commission is renowned for its dedication to promoting global best practices, standards, and advancements in testing and assessment. Dubai Customs' membership reflects its credibility in employee evaluation through specialized tools and tests aligned with the latest global practices.




According to Mohammed Al Ghaffari, Executive Director, Human Resources, Finance and Administration Division, Dubai Customs’ strategy revolves around developing and equipping its human resources with skills that enhance their evolving functional capabilities. This is aimed at achieving the goals of creating an outstanding work experience. Dubai Customs is committed to updating its human resources development plans in line with its strategic plan for 2021-2026, incorporating global best practices to enhance employee performance and prepare them for future jobs and skills.




The Executive Director commended the inclusion of the assessment Center as a member of the International Test Commission, considering it a global achievement in employee development. He emphasized that assessment tests are crucial tools in employee development. The Assessment and Development Center, established in 2008, has conducted approximately 6000 assessments to date, and has adopted international tests from the British Psychological Society (BPS).




Additionally, the Executive Director highlighted the Evaluation and Development Center's community initiatives, such as "Your Children, Our Children," aimed at bringing joy to employees, motivating their children, and guiding them toward suitable career paths.




Dr. April Zenisky, the Secretary-General of the Commission, commended Dubai Customs' efforts, expressing pleasure in welcoming the Evaluation and Development Center as an affiliated member. She noted that their membership benefits both Dubai Customs and the International Test Commission, fostering mutual cooperation and progress in talent assessment and development.


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