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Business & Money | Wednesday 10 January, 2024 10:55 am |

Dubai Customs Secures TÜV Renewal of ISO 26000 Certification

Affirming Dubai Customs' prominent position both locally and globally in corporate social responsibility, and its commitment to excellence in implementing diverse methodologies for sustainable development, the German registration body "TÜV" has reissued the ISO 26000 certification to Dubai Customs. This renewal follows the government department's successful completion of audit procedures and international recommendations associated with the standard, solidifying global trust in Dubai Customs' continuous endeavors to establish sustainability as a core element of its strategic framework and organizational culture.




Khalil Saqer bin Gharib, Director of Corporate Communication Department, emphasized the department's renewed dedication to meeting ISO 26000 standards through a comprehensive approach and an ambitious strategy. This strategy aims to establish an integrated system for social responsibility, supporting the department's excellence in alignment with global best practices. He highlighted that Dubai customs’ development plan in social responsibility and volunteering, includes numerous innovative initiatives within an institutional framework and an integrated system. This system encompasses planning, initiative launching, application, and evaluation, all within the framework of the global initiative for producing sustainability reports. The department prioritizes adopting the highest international standards for sustainability reporting, fostering relationships, and close collaboration with relevant entities and partners to propel the wheel of sustainability comprehensively across various domains.




Samira Abdel Razzaq, Senior Manager of the Quality Assurance and Corporate Governance at the Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department confirmed Dubai Customs’ commitment to sustaining a path of excellence and success. The government department consistently works towards implementing its ambitious strategy to cultivate a culture of quality and enhance employee capabilities, ultimately aiming for excellence and sustainable development. This ongoing effort is crucial for Dubai Customs to meet customer and partner needs.


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