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Business & Money | Thursday 18 January, 2024 1:02 am |

EDGE Group Announces Major Expansion of SIATT Manufacturing Base in São Paulo

After acquiring a 50% stake in Brazilian smart weapons and high-tech systems specialist, SIATT, the UAE’s EDGE Group, one of the world’s leading advanced technology and defence groups, has announced major developments in the growth of the company over the next two years. 




Supported by EDGE, SIATT will expand its headquarters and manufacturing base in the city of São José dos Campos, in the State of São Paulo, from 1,000 square meters to approximately 7,000 square meters to accommodate new administrative and engineering offices, as well as laboratories and production facilities. The company will also double its headcount to 200 highly-qualified full-time direct employees. Additionally, is estimated to indirectly generate over 600 further positions, including with highly technological partners and suppliers, contributing to the development of the local talent pool and significantly contributing to the local economy.




Before the acquisition of SIATT in September 2023, EDGE Group had signed a co-development agreement with the Brazilian Navy for advanced long-range anti-ship missile technology, as part of the MANSUP national anti-ship missile project, for which SIATT is providing the guidance, navigation, control and telemetry systems. 




Hamad Al Marar, President of the Missiles and Weapons cluster, EDGE Group, said: The expansion of SIATT's São José dos Campos facilities stands as a testament to EDGE's pivotal role in fostering their growth. This transformation not only bolsters SIATT's capabilities but also serves as a catalyst for economic development, expected to generate over 700 job opportunities. It underscores our unwavering commitment to both technological innovation and the prosperity of the partners and communities we engage with.”




The announcement was made during a high-level delegation visit by senior members of the São Paulo State Government to EDGE Group headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The four-day agenda includes a series of meetings with EDGE Group management, and other key Abu Dhabi stakeholders, with the aim of facilitating potential strategic partnerships and to strengthen cooperation. 




Rogerio Salvador, CEO and Co-Founder of SIATT, said: “Our expansion in São José dos Campos represents a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing high-tech systems and smart weapons. With EDGE's support, we are not only expanding our capabilities but also creating job opportunities for local talent and boosting economic growth. We look forward to the opportunities this expansion will unlock for us to further enhance our offerings and capabilities, driving innovation and growth for our company and the São Paulo region.”




Anderson Farias, Mayor of São José dos Campos, said: “I am pleased to witness SIATT's expansion in São José dos Campos, which is a testament to the city's growing stature as a hub for advanced technology and defence. This development not only signifies economic growth for our community and region but also presents a host of opportunities for local professionals to contribute their expertise to high-tech projects.”




Founded in 2015, SIATT specialises in the integration of systems with high technological content, which provides solutions to the demands of the defence and aerospace sectors. 






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