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Business & Money | Sunday 12 November, 2023 9:15 am |

Empowering Tomorrow: Dubai Customs Youth Council Reveals Ambitious 2023-2024 Plan

The Youth Council of Dubai Customs has adopted the strategic plan for 2023-2024, which outlines ambitious goals and innovative ideas aligned with the future directions of the United Arab Emirates. The plan aims to showcase the Emirati model in empowering and enhancing the roles of youth for continued leadership in development. In their recent meeting, the council discussed a series of quality events and initiatives, connecting them to the council's plan, the Federal Youth Foundation's 2020-2025 strategy, and Dubai Customs' 2021-2026 strategy.




Saeed Al Junaibi, Chairman of the Youth Council of Dubai Customs, expressed that the council represents promising energy and a futuristic vision contributing to innovation and the ongoing success of Dubai Customs locally and internationally. This success is attributed to the support of the wise leadership, which believes in the potential of Emirati youth to lead sustainable development and actively participate in supporting governmental efforts.




Al Junaibi highlighted the council's composition, consisting of a promising elite of youth working as a unified team to achieve set goals, including envisioning the future of customs work development. This involves collaboration with various entities and partners to achieve youth initiatives in alignment with the national agenda. He stressed the importance of addressing challenges and achieving community happiness to support the goals of the UAE Centennial Plan 2071 by investing in the country's youth, providing them with skills and knowledge to keep pace with rapid global changes.




Jumana Al Bannai, Vice Chairman of the Youth Council in Dubai Customs, added that the council's plan includes benchmarking with relevant youth councils to promote development and improvement. This involves examining best practices, exchanging experiences, and unifying efforts with other youth councils at the governmental level to enhance cooperation in common areas.


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