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Technology & IT | Thursday 23 November, 2023 10:40 am |

Exito DevOps Summit UAE 2023: Leading the Way in Innovation and Collaboration In-person Conference on 7th December

The UAE's embrace of DevSecOps signifies a revolutionary shift in cybersecurity. Integrating security seamlessly into development processes enhances the nation's security posture, swiftly addressing vulnerabilities and safeguarding critical data. This proactive approach fosters accelerated innovation, ensuring faster, secure software delivery. Early detection via DevSecOps results in significant cost savings, preventing breaches and downtime. Beyond tangible benefits, it instils a culture of shared responsibility, empowering collaborative expertise, aligning with the UAE's vision for a resilient cybersecurity ecosystem.

As the UAE embarks on its journey to become a regional cybersecurity powerhouse, DevSecOps stands as a critical enabler, empowering organizations to develop secure software solutions that drive innovation and economic growth while safeguarding the nation's digital assets. DevSecOps, a methodology that integrates security into the software development lifecycle, has emerged as a powerful tool to address these challenges and propel the UAE to the forefront of cybersecurity in the region.

The UAE's innovative approach to cybersecurity emphasises the smooth integration of security practises into the development process, which guarantees early vulnerability discovery and remediation and reduces the chance of data breaches and reputational harm. This is in line with the country's strategic objective of protecting its thriving digital economy and rising to the top of the cybersecurity world.

2nd Edition of the Exito DevOps Summit: 

In accordance with the commitment to recent developments in DevOps and emphasising DevSecOps' pivotal role in seamlessly integrating security into the DevOps lifecycle, the 2nd Edition of DevOps Summit, is an essential forum for experts and leaders in the field. The summit is an invite-only, in-person event with an emphasis on cutting edge developments in continuous delivery, cloud security, and infrastructure management. According to projections, these developments will boost the global market, which is anticipated to grow to USD 25.5 billion by 2028. 

The summit brings together industry experts and DevOps professionals to explore novel approaches and gain a better understanding of how DevOps improves software delivery speed, agility, and security. In the quest of cybersecurity excellence, attendees will get important insights and discover how to apply agile and DevOps principles for successful product development, shortened lead times, and improved deployment.

Join us to stay ahead in embracing the future of DevOps!



The event will cover topics such as:

  • DevOps – Development, Collaboration and Culture
  • A Collaborative Future - Advancing in DevOps
  • How DevOps Move Us Fast with Quality.
  • Integrating AI/ML in DevOps Structure.
  • The Secret to Success: Building Highly Efficient Teams
  • DevSecOps - Development, Security, and Operations


Who can attend?

The Exito DevOps Summit will be attended by CIO's, CTO's, Head of Cloud Security, Engineering Directors, Directors of IT, Heads of UI/UX, Product Managers, APP developers, Chief Architects, Network Engineers from a variety of industries including Government, Foreign Utilities, Telecom, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing,Logistics & Supply, Ecommerce & Retail, BFSI & Fintech, Pharma & Life sciences, Construction and Hospitality. 


About Exito:

Exito, which means success in Spanish, embodies our commitment to the success of our customers. Each year, we host over 240 virtual and in-person conferences globally, bringing together audiences with world-class thought leaders and C-level executives across industries. Our meticulously crafted agendas, based on extensive research and valuable industry insights, facilitate business, knowledge transfer, deal flow, and impactful messaging for brands.

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