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Technology & IT | Wednesday 22 November, 2023 12:53 pm |

HONOR's Empowering Vision: A Fusion of Fashion and Technology for Saudi Women

In the realm where technology meets the aspirations of women, HONOR, the global technology brand, is carving a distinctive path that resonates strongly with the women of the Gulf, particularly women in Saudi Arabia. The brand's unwavering commitment to fulfilling women's requirements is exemplified through its innovative devices and technologies, each carefully crafted to touch the ambitions and desires of the modern woman.

Following the huge success of the collaboration between Sayidaty magazine, HONOR, and the esteemed influencer Hala Abdullah in the creation of the captivating campaign for HONOR 90 phone in its stunning peacock color variant, HONOR is excited to announce the continuation and expansion of this fruitful partnership. 

It is worth noting that the partnership with Sayidaty magazine peaked when the HONOR Magic V Purse graced the cover of the November issue in an aesthetically pleasing way. This serves as a robust confirmation of the mutual trust between the foremost technology brand and the premier fashion magazine, showcasing a positive impact on Saudi women. 

Acknowledging the significant role of Riyadh as a fashion-forward capital, HONOR has actively participated in the Riyadh Fashion Week, recognizing it as a pivotal platform that reflects the city's vibrant fashion scene.

During the Riyadh Fashion Week, Saudi influencers have introduced a groundbreaking fashion trend by incorporating the phone into their style, pairing it with a chic chain and featuring an always-on display, giving it the appearance of a fashionable purse. This innovative concept not only complements their personal style but also empowers them to express their individuality. The influencers' creative approach sets a new trend in the world of fashion, showcasing the phone as a versatile accessory that seamlessly integrates technology with style.

HONOR Magic V Purse smartphone, with its distinctive concept and appearance, represents a precious accessory that adds a touch of glamour, allowing women to control their appearance in line with their fashion choices. 

HONOR remains committed to delivering innovation and uniqueness to diverse segments of society. With each new device launch, the brand aspires to realize the dreams of countless women across the Arab world, ensuring that its technological advancements contribute to a positive impact on the lives of users from all walks of life.


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