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Beauty & Style | Sunday 31 December, 2023 11:13 am |

“Jazeera Paints” Welcomes Families to Its Main Exhibition in Riyadh During the Open Day

Jazeera Paints”, the leading company in the industry of paints, colors and construction solutions in KSA and MENA, held an open day to welcome families and their children to a fun and creative, in its main exhibition in Riyadh, the largest and most recent exhibition of the company. Families were able to explore various "Jazeera Paints" products, and took a tour of the exhibition, to review the most recent interior and exterior construction solutions, and learn how to identify wall problems using Artificial Intelligence and the appropriate methods for addressing them.


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Furthermore, children had the opportunity to participate in creative and interactive workshops, experimenting with drawing and coloring using healthy and safe colors, including “Mini Paint” a new product from “Jazeera Paints”. Both children and adults enjoyed the fun and engaging activities, which included augmented reality technology that allowed users to choose a product, select its color, and apply it on surfaces for a more realistic experience, as well as interactive games that helped families and their children develop their concentration and collaborate, in addition to the photography corner which added a distinctive and delightful value to the event, capturing images at a 360-degree angle.


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The event concluded with valuable prize draws, adding an element of excitement and surprise to this wonderful day. Recognizing that the family is the cornerstone of society and its future, “Jazeera Paints” strives to enhance interaction among families, and strengthen family bonds by providing a fun and innovative environment for them and their children on this open day, and attempts to make customers’ experiences unique and exciting, leaving them inspired and full of lovely memories with the Jazeera Paints family.




About "Jazeera Paints"


Founded in Riyadh, in 1979, “Jazeera Paints” is a company specializing in manufacturing, producing, and exporting high-quality paints in accordance with the highest sustainability and environmental security standards. Over the last decades, Jazeera Paints has successfully maintained its top-notch place as one of the most prominent companies that manufacture paints and dyes in MENA, with an annual production capacity exceeding 500,000 tons, and with more than 750 active showrooms 


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