14 Shawwal 1445 - 23 April 2024
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Eye of Dubai
Government | Wednesday 3 April, 2024 1:32 am |

Join the Elite: GCC Arbitration Centre Calls for New Batch of Arbitrators, Experts and Secretaries

The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre has announced the commencement of a new selection process for qualified arbitrators, experts and secretaries  to join its arbitration ranks.

 The Centre has highlighted several significant advantages available to its affiliated arbitrators, experts and secretaries including the non-appealability of the Centre's decisions, legal immunity, and the broad scope of their jurisdiction covering dispute resolution within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.

Dr. Kamal Al Hamad, Secretary General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, commented, "Our aim is to attract top international talents in the arbitration field by fostering a distinguished working environment conducive to continuous development and training for arbitrators. We are fully committed to providing the necessary resources for enhancing arbitrators' skills, ensuring they can carry out their duties efficiently and effectively."

"We aspire for the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre to rank among the top ten arbitration Centres globally. To realize this ambition, we are diligently enhancing our capabilities, refining essential skills and expertise, elevating the quality of services rendered, and bolstering the Centre's reputation on the global stage.”

Dr. Al-Hamad emphasized that welcoming arbitrators, experts and secretaries will significantly aid in realizing the Centre's vision of delivering a cutting-edge international arbitration experience conducive to optimal dispute resolution. This, in turn, will bolster support for the commercial sector and foster foreign investment attraction. By offering a streamlined and effective method for resolving commercial disputes in line with international standards, the Centre is committed to upholding the highest modern and contemporary arbitration practices.



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