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Eye of Dubai
Technology & IT | Tuesday 17 October, 2023 8:37 am |

Logitech brings its AI-powered yet human-centred solutions to the Middle East’s largest technology show

Today, Logitech participated in the 43rd edition of GITEX Global, hosted in Dubai from October 16th to 20th. Logitech’s presence closely aligned with the theme for GITEX Global this year, by focusing on artificial intelligence and sustainability in video collaboration . 




The leading provider of enterprise video collaboration solutions showcased its comprehensive range of products, including the latest AI-powered Logitech video conferencing innovations that empower organizations to prepare for the future of work. Tapping into the potential of AI, businesses of all shapes and sizes now have the opportunity to effectively redesign their workspace setups in order to better meet the needs of today’s hybrid work employees and deliver equitable and more productive video conferencing experiences.




Logitech’s presence at GITEX Global 2023 also underscored the significance of designing for sustainability, a concept that serves as a catalyst for reducing negative environmental impact. Notably, nearly two out of three Logitech products currently use post-consumer recycled plastic without sacrificing their renowned durability and ergonomics. Additionally, Logitech reaffirmed its commitment that by 2025, all of its main product lines will include a carbon footprint label on devices’ packaging and webpages.




Commenting on Logitech’s participation in GITEX Global 2023, Loubna Imenchal, Head of Enterprise Business for AMECA, at Logitech, stated: “At Logitech, we have been innovating with AI and machine learning for many years. Logitech remains devoted to capitalizing on this unique opportunity to facilitate equitable video conferencing experiences in all spaces. At the same time, we continue to lead the way in sustainable product design, strengthening our efforts to make each new generation of our B2B products more durable and recyclable.”




Among Logitech's broad range of workspace solutions on display at GITEX Global 2023, Logitech Sight and Logitech Rally Bar Huddle are two of the standout products that attendees must not miss. 




Logitech Rally Bar Huddle:




Logitech Rally Bar Huddle is a premium all-in-one appliance-based video bar for huddle and small rooms for up to six people. Designed to deliver equitable video conferencing meetings with ease, Rally Bar Huddle is quick to set up, simple to manage, and easy to integrate with Tap IP through CollabOS. Built-in AI video intelligence and 4K image quality welcome remote participants to the conversation, while the advanced sound pickup via six beamforming mics and AI-based noise suppression create a natural meeting experience for remote employees.




Logitech Sight:




Built to work with the front-of-room cameras Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, Logitech Sight is an AI-powered tabletop camera that intelligently captures the best perspective of meeting participants and tracks conversations as they move around the conference room. Logitech Sight illustrates Logitech’s ongoing efforts to level the playing field for all employees, whether they choose to collaborate from the office, home, or anywhere else. 


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