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Business & Money | Tuesday 5 September, 2023 12:35 pm |

Medlab Middle East secures record-breaking AED1.9 billion of deals during the 2023 exhibition in Dubai

Medlab Middle East, the MENA region’s largest medical laboratory exhibition and congress, will return to the Dubai World Trade Centre from 5-8 February 2024 with a host of new features, including a new zone, Next Gen Medicine, which will focus on the transformative potential of early disease detection and preventive medicine.


This year’s edition of the show follows a record-breaking year in 2023, where Informa Markets, the organisers of the event, announced AED1.9 billion of deals secured during the four-day laboratory showcase. Following this success, the 2024 edition is expected to welcome more than 30,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors, a 20% increase in exhibitor numbers compared to last year.


Tom Coleman, Group Exhibition Director, Informa Markets Healthcare, said: “The laboratory sector stands as the bedrock of innovation and progress in the modern world. As we navigate an era marked by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the role of laboratories has become more pivotal than ever before.


“As a result, laboratory technology has evolved at an astonishing pace. From genomics to materials science and from pharmaceuticals to renewable energy, laboratories are at the centre of delivering game-changing innovations and pushing boundaries thanks to the tireless efforts of dedicated scientists, researchers, and technicians.


“Medlab Middle East provides the ideal platform for not only securing business deals but also for showcasing the industry’s contribution to economic growth, developing healthcare advancements and developing environmental sustainability. We are committed to fostering excellence, driving innovation, improving lives, and building a brighter future for all.”


As part of Medlab Middle East’s commitment to innovation, a new zone and conference, Next Gen Medicine, will be added to the show floor this year. In partnership with Express Med Diagnostics and Research and occupying 1,500 sqm of exhibition space with 100 exhibitors, over 1,000 delegates are expected to attend, where topics including genomics medicine, precision medicine and healthcare longevity, will be discussed.


Dr Karolina Kobus, Head of Genomics and Precision Medicine Lab Technology and Innovation Advisor at Express Med Diagnostics and Research, said: “The dawn of next-generation medicine signifies a major shift towards early disease detection and preventive care. This transformative journey is fueled by cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that empower us to anticipate and intercept illnesses before they take hold. 


“As we embrace this future, we hold the key to not only extending lives but enhancing their quality. It is a pivotal moment where innovation becomes the bedrock of health and where our collective commitment to advancing preventive medicine paves the way for healthier, happier generations to come.”


The conference will bring together top industry experts, researchers and healthcare professionals in medical innovation and precision medicine. Focused on the transformative potential of early disease detection and preventive medicine, the conference will explore cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. 


A range of discussions and presentations are expected to provide attendees with insights into the latest breakthroughs in genomics, proteomics, and innovative biomarkers of diverse medical conditions. A scientific poster competition has also been added, with a range of prizes available for all winners. 


The dedicated CME conference will act as a platform for fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange, driving advancements in medical research and healthcare practices, benefitting patients globally. 


The 2024 showcase will feature important players in the laboratory industry, including global manufacturers and suppliers like Abbott, Sysmex, Biomerieux, Beckman Coulter, BD, Illumnia, Eurouimmun, Randox, and Mindray amongst others.


The event will feature representation from over 180 countries and will have 12 country pavilions. 


The Medlab Middle East show floor will have product categories, showcasing the latest technology, innovation and overview of disposables, general services, imaging, infrastructure, IT, laboratory, medical equipment, pharma and nutrition.


The show floor will also include a range of seminars and workshops, allowing visitors to hear first-hand about the latest medical laboratory innovations from leading companies. The 2024 edition will also see the return of the Hosted Buyer programme, providing exhibitors with the opportunity to meet with senior decision-makers from the medical laboratory and healthcare industry.


The Medlab Middle East Congress returns this year, providing education and solutions to advance laboratory skills and improve laboratory functions to over 5,000 conference delegates. With 12 conferences, the Congress is the largest CME-accredited multi-track medical laboratory congress globally, featuring over 200 local and international speakers. 


Tracks include Laboratory Management, Haematology, Quality Management, Clinical Microbiology, Histopathology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Genomic Interpretation, Future of the Lab, Immunology, Blood Transfusion Medicine, and Sustainability in the Lab.


Lab Society Insights, a free-to-attend conference, has also been added to the schedule, as has the Next Gen Medicine CME accredited track.






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