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Business & Money | Tuesday 16 January, 2024 7:57 am |

NEOM awards Italian contractor SAR 20B contract for Trojena dams: Report

NEOM awarded Italian contractor, WeBuild a SAR 20 billion contract to build dams at Trojena resort, MEED reported today, Jan. 15.  


The main dam will have a height of 145 meters and will be 475 meters long at its crest. It will be built using 2.7 million cubic meters of roller compact concrete (RCC).


Some 650,000 cubic meters of RCC will be used to build a dam within the planned lake to create an island below the water level.


Meanwhile, the third dam will have a height of 65 meters and will be 490 meters long at its crest. It will be constructed using 4.15 million cubic meters of rockfill.


The works also include the lakebed line and the foundations for the Bow Building, a concrete structure at the end of the lake that will overhang the valley below and incorporate a hotel, MEED added.


Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, announced on March 3, 2022 the launch of TROJENA as a new global destination for mountain tourism in NEOM, according to Argaam's data.


The project features a stunning man-made freshwater lake; ‘The Bow’ Hotel; and the Vault, a vertical village within the mountain with a fusion of technology, entertainment and hospitality facilities that will provide the main gateway into TROJENA.


The development will also include the Slope Residences, which will be located near the ski slope overlooking the lake, designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, as well as luxurious mansions with panoramic views designed to reflect the beauty of the environment.


TROJENA is situated in the center of NEOM, 50 kilometers from the Gulf of Aqaba coast, in a region characterized by a mountain range with the highest peaks in Saudi Arabia at approximately 2,600 meters above sea level.


TROJENA aims to change current perceptions of visitors and residents about the services that can be provided by mountain resorts, through its exceptional design, advanced architecture and technology that integrates reality with the virtual world.

In 2022, NEOM will announce more projects with different ideas, but all will be aligned in their respect for the environment and achieving balance, because NEOM’s ambitious vision seeks to shape the future in which living and working are integrated in a sustainable way.



Source : Argaam 

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