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Business & Money | Wednesday 22 June, 2022 8:07 pm |

Saudi Airport Worker to Receive LG Electronics’ Righteous Person Award After Stopping Airplane Fire

 An entire airplane and its passengers has been saved from burning to a wreck after an airport worker’s prompt and heroic intervention. Ahmad Alrefaie, a Saudi Ground Services employee in Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz Airport, is being recognized for his life-saving quick thinking and action which came at a critical moment.


Earlier in April, an African Airbus flight was meant to achieve its usual landing in Jeddah when its wheels caught fire due to brake overheating and friction during landing. The plane had reached the apron, and passengers were already starting to exit the plane, as hero Ahmad Alrefaie rushed to the rescue to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. Had it not been for Ahmad being quick on his feet and putting out the flames only minutes after their start, the fire might have continued to spread as the passengers disembarked. Thanks to the Saudi citizen’s incredible selflessness and courage, none of the plane passengers were injured from the incident.


“I understand the danger of the situation, but anyone would have done the same if they were in my shoes. Thankful to God, the fire was put out just in time and no one got hurt. I feel proud and also relieved for being able to save the lives of those who were around that plane. It’s the humanitarian effort that always moves society forward because it goes to show the genuine care we all have for one another and our community,” Ahmad Alrefaie said.


Ahmed also received the LG PuriCare from LG, an air purifier that improves air quality, delivering cleaner, fresher, and healthier air to every part of the home with 360° air purification. 


Ahmad is the third Saudi citizen to receive the award from LG. The first one was awarded to Mohammad Al Alit, a Saudi citizen who heroically decided to drive a burning car away from civilians moments before it exploded, whereas the second recipient was a medical student who used his medical experience to rescue a man injured due to a hit and run incident.


The initiative where Ahmad was recognized for his efforts, the LG Righteous Person Award, is part of LG’s commitment to creating values needed by society through constant interaction with the communities it operates in. The program aims to reward people who are dedicated to social justice through their own will to spread positive influence. The award was created in 2015 and has been recognizing righteous citizens around the world and upholding them as role models of society and more.


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