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Environment & Energy | Sunday 25 January, 2015 12:34 pm |

The best of what France has to offer at WFES & IWS

Over 35 French businesses will take part in the World Future Energy Summit & International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi from January 19th to 22nd, 2015, under the aegis of UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development. Bringing together major groups like VEOLIA and EDF and particularly innovative medium/intermediate/small enterprises, exhibitors will be showcasing a wide variety of products demonstrating their expertise and the high quality of their offer. The UBIFRANCE Pavilion will be organised in partnership with the French Embassy to the United Arab Emirates, the ADEME International Club and the Renewable Energy Association.

France possesses a wealth of renewable energy resources. With the largest forest in Western Europe and significant potential in water, wind and geothermal energy, France is Europe’s second renewable energy producer. The country is holding on to its 4th position in Europe in power production. In terms of water production, France enjoys a first-rate reputation which is widely acknowledged worldwide. It is also the leading producer in water treatment equipment.

A host of projects currently underway in Gulf countries are attracting proficient French businesses in the renewable energy, water and waste sectors. Indeed, French companies are among the world leaders in water and waste, and among European leaders in renewable energy. Supported by a dynamic ecosystem made up of competitiveness clusters and research facilities, French businesses are on the cutting edge of innovation and are continuously developing increasingly effective solutions.

During the WFES Ms.Ségolène ROYAL French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, spoke to the press at the French Pavilion Hall 8.

She said:

I would like to thank you for this successful week in Abu Dhabi.
Thanks to UAE authority, I really appreciate the wonderful organization.
I am here today, as known Paris will held the « COP 21 », scheduled in December.
The renewable energy matter is really crucial (discussed this week in Abu Dhabi),
And naturally, the question of the renewable energy, is a key question, is a crucial question, is a major question.
Today, France makes a commitment, along with he United Nations, to make a success of the climate conference.
Yesterday, I have met the Abu Dhabi minister of Energy, and the person in charge of climate, and I took the opportunity to ask them how they can contribute to the success of the climate conference.
As known, we have to conduct strategic negotiations, as well as showing creativity and imagination. I am happy to observe such technologic creativity from the exhibitors. Those companies are more aware about the big issue that we are facing, which is GLOBAL WARMING.
This is not only an obligation, this is a survival purpose for some countries. At the same time, this is a fantastic chance to resolve the growth issue, unemployment, economic development problem, and finally North-South inequality.
Q : Your efforts, in terms of renewable energy, awaiting the Paris Conference, is happening with the decrease of Oil price. How important is this fact influencing your efforts, for production, investment, and in general the renewable energy?
A: Yes it’s a good question, and we ask ourselves how we can do, how we can manage, these differences between, the oil price decrease and the competitivety of renewable energy. I think we have to take this as an opportunity. And for example, the decrease of the importation bill of oil, can degage flexibility “une marge de manoeuvre”, to invest in renewable and efficiency energy. But we have to manage it.
A: For example, for each people, now in France, we have created a fiscal credit “Crédit d’impôt”, when a family, has less to pay for Gas. This family will most probably make an effort to buy some works “travaux” , in their house, for saving energy.
Q : So, you are not afraid?
A: We have to manage it. We have to imagine, and we have to prepare life after Petrol. Like here, what is fantastic, is to see countries which are producing petrol. But they are investing in renewable energy. They are preparing the day after. And if the producers of Petrol are preparing the day after, we have to prepare the day after too.
Q : Is the French government keen to export its nuclear energy expertise to Gulf states that are pursuing a renewable energy mix? How do you see this co-operation progressing over the next decade?
A: This cooperation in nuclear energy is very important. For example, EDF is investing in renewable energy. So, that means that in France we have to export mixt energetic, with nuclear and renewable energies together. And we invest in the future, with the best equipment and the best technology, consuming less Uranium, and recycling waste.
At the same time, we are investing in renewable energy. Because, we need to provide a mixed energy, that encourage nuclear, this non carbon free energy is an advantage, but the disadvantage is coming from the nuclear waste.
The idea here is to make technological progress, to reduce the waste production, to recycle and re-use nuclear waste, as fuel consumption in nuclear reactors. At the same time, France is reducing nuclear engagement, to grow up in renewable energy.
Some countries, that renounce nuclear, were obliged to re-open coal mines, meaning energies that are producing greenhouse gases.
Hopefully, in future the renewable energy part will grow along with technological progress.
Q : Could you please tell us, how much is the percentage your new nuclear will come up ?
A: Nuclear capacity cap is 63.2 G.Watts, meaning when 9 new reactors will open. The old reactors (Which will need huge security investment, will have to close).
This will allow maintaining stability. Therefore, the nuclear part in electricity production, need to decrease from 75% to 50%. Meaning, the renewable energy need to grow significantly, to be profitable.
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