09 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 - 16 June 2024
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Business & Money | Tuesday 2 January, 2024 11:58 am |

UAE enters 2024 with unwavering determination to extend principles of peace

Under the directives of its wise leadership, the United Arab Emirates enters 2024 with resolute determination to extend the principles of peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and beyond by continuing to strengthen partnerships, enhance multilateral cooperation and foster meaningful dialogue.


Foreign Policy Principles


Following an active year of collaboration with the international community and organisations, the UAE remains firmly committed to reinforcing international peace and security and overcoming obstacles in all forms. The UAE’s diplomacy is dedicated to establishing a peaceful, secure, and prosperous year ahead for the entire region, and committed to enhancing international cooperation and multilateral collaboration.


In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) stressed that the UAE will continue to reinforce the importance of cooperation within political and economic frameworks in the Gulf and Arab regions for the benefit of countries’ welfare and prosperity. The UAE will further strengthen its role in finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, particularly climate change, renewable energy, water scarcity, food security, promoting human rights, counter-extremism, women’s empowerment, economic development and the security of supply, navigation, and international trade routes.

The Ministry reiterated the UAE’s commitment to strengthening partnerships, engaging in dialogue, as well as building efficient, balanced relations based on mutual respect. The UAE will continue to enhance its position on the world stage and support efforts to resolve conflicts between countries through dialogue, and promote global peace, stability, tolerance and coexistence. Within this context, the UAE will also promote cultural diplomacy as a means of bridging the gap between nations, and continue to collaborate with partners across various fields including industry, economy, culture, health, science, technology, and common human values, among others, which would serve humanity and contribute to a better future for all.


UAE, “Stronger United” UNSC term


As an elected member of the United Nations Security Council for 2022-2023, the Ministry reaffirmed that the UAE proudly served as a unifying force, and made significant impact during its two-year term in addressing regional and international challenges, and drafting resolutions that were adopted by the Council. The Ministry welcomed the successes the UAE achieved through mediation and prioritising diplomatic solutions to disputes while preventing the outbreak of new conflicts, based on its firm belief in establishing stability and reaching comprehensive political solutions in the Middle East and around the world, in addition to spreading a culture of tolerance and peace.


In this regard, the Ministry stressed the UAE’s unwavering and steadfast position on the issue of the three Emirati islands occupied by Iran, which demonstrates support for peaceful efforts and initiatives that aim to resolve the issue in accordance with international law and the United Nations Charter. The UAE continues to advocate for resolution through bilateral negotiations or the International Court of Justice, demanding Iran to end its occupation of the islands and immediately cease all practices aiming to alter the islands’ status, including illegal settlements.


The Ministry also underscored the UAE’s contributions in enhancing moderation, emphasising the importance of reinforcing tolerance and acceptance, and addressing extremism, hate speech, and racism around the world, given the threat they pose to international peace and security.


During the UAE’s Presidency of the Security Council in June last year, the UAE’s expansive endeavours- which stemmed from a focused vision that aims to enhance peace and security, and combat extremism, terrorism, and their causes- resulted in the historical adoption of Resolution 2686 on tolerance, peace, and international security, which included an unprecedented international recognition of the correlation between hate speech, extremism, peace, and international security. The resolution demonstrated that racism, hatred, xenophobia, racial discrimination, and gender discrimination can drive the outbreak, escalation, and recurrence of conflict. The resolution urges tackling such issues and the importance of promoting values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, in accordance with the UAE’s deep-rooted principles.


Global Conflicts


With regards to the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip, the Ministry underscored that the UAE has intensified all diplomatic efforts aimed at halting escalation, reaching a ceasefire, restoring peace, and preventing further loss of life, with a primary focus on safeguarding civilians, preserving facilities, and securing humanitarian corridors for the delivery of urgent relief and medical aid. In this regard, the Ministry highlighted the UAE’s firm efforts, endeavours and successful calls that led to the Security Council adopting Resolutions 2712 and 2720 which demand that tangible steps be taken to increase the necessary humanitarian aid flow to Palestinians, and safeguard the lives of the United Nations employees and humanitarian workers on the ground in the Strip.

The Ministry reiterated the UAE’s longstanding support for all international efforts aimed at ensuring a two-state solution, and stressed that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is the only way to end the cycle of violence and confrontations between the Palestinians and Israel.

Furthermore, the Ministry reaffirmed the UAE’s longstanding and continuous support of all efforts aimed at promoting peace and de-escalation to end the ongoing conflict in Sudan, and resolve the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis, through dialogue and adherence to international law, while ensuring the protection of civilians and facilities. The Ministry highlighted the UAE’s deep-rooted stance in the rejection of violence, respect for nations’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, in addition to prioritizing conflict resolution through political and peaceful means.


COP28, “UAE Consensus”


As part of its comprehensive vision for global stability and the resolution of contemporary conflicts, the UAE hosted an exceptionally successful edition of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP28), to advance international efforts. The Ministry underscored that the convention aimed to propel efforts for the advancement of Earth and humanity by mobilising innovative solutions that mark a significant milestone in climate action, in an inclusive manner that leaves no one behind.


The Ministry affirmed that the UAE’s pragmatic endeavours and innovative initiatives resulted in a historical unanimous agreement amongst parties participating in the conference, known as the “UAE Consensus” which aims to usher in a new era of ambitious and efficient climate action. The landmark agreement provides an ambitious response to the Global Stocktake and aims to fulfil the core objectives of the Paris Agreement, keep the goal of 1.5 alive and within reach, and address financial shortages in climate funding. It proposes to facilitate this through the collection and mobilisation of over USD 85 billion in funding and the launch of 11 pledges and declarations, setting climate action on the right path to achieve these objectives.


Economic Prosperity


While building the future, the UAE’s foreign policy relies on efficient contributions in prominent international forums such as the G20, considering it an effective platform to foster peace, stability, and international prosperity, which reflects the nation’s steadfast commitment to achieving all international priorities.


The Ministry underscored that the UAE adopts incentivised economic strategies based on economic diversity, aimed at building a knowledge-based and diversified economy strengthened by scientific and technological advancement. The UAE’s economic business environments are characterised as dynamic, prosperous, and attractive to direct foreign investments, ranking first amongst Arab nations and holding an advanced position globally as a modern financial, trading, and economic hub. The UAE’s vision for the next 50 years is to become an international hub for investments, economic innovation, and an inclusive system for entrepreneurship, in addition to an advanced lab for new economic opportunities and projects.


In 2023, the UAE achieved a remarkable economic accomplishment, with non-oil foreign trade recording exceptional growth rates by reaching AED 1.239 trillion over the past six months of the current year. This is expected to rise to over AED 2.5 trillion, affirming the UAE’s pivotal role as an international hub connecting the East with the West and the North with the South.


Moreover, the Ministry highlighted that the UAE has strengthened its international partnerships over the past five decades, and continues to build economic competitiveness and sustainability while exploring new avenues of opportunity. As part of the “Projects of the 50”, which aims to create an advanced stage of development domestically and internationally, the UAE has launched several strategic projects and initiatives. The objective is to become an international capital of investment and economic innovation, fostering development opportunities by signing comprehensive partnership agreements (CEPAs) with active economies.


CEPAs are designed to enhance economic competitiveness and attract USD 150 billion (AED 550 billion) of direct foreign investments over the next nine years across sectors including digital economy, entrepreneurship, advanced skills, space, and advanced technology. In this regard, the Ministry underscored that the UAE has signed CEPAs with strategic partners and established economic links with several countries as part of its long-term strategy to diversify its economic ties and develop strong international partnerships in trading, industry, and investment. CEPAs are expected to pave the way for greater prospects in the Middle East, sparking a wave of economic opportunity built around digital and traditional trade. Goods traded by sea, road, and air will enjoy faster, easier access while unlocking the untapped potential of digital trade, cross-border data flows, and blockchain; not only serving the UAE, but also future generations across the Middle East.


Humanitarian Efforts


The Ministry stressed that the UAE’s diplomatic and humanitarian institutions will continue to support humanity by reinforcing efforts to eradicate poverty, including supporting projects in developing countries, contributing to stability, prosperity, and growth, as well as assisting nation’s impacted by crises and disasters. In this context, the Ministry reaffirmed that the UAE is one of the largest donors in foreign aid compared to its national income: as total value of foreign aid provided to over 190 countries over the past five decades reached USD 95.06 billion, including US$1.83 billion over the past year.


UAE Diplomats, and Partners


The UAE remains committed to achieving further accomplishments in all fields, including maintaining the position of the Emirati passport as the strongest internationally. This reflects the efforts of MoFA, diplomatic missions, and UAE delegations abroad under the directives and support of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in demonstrating the UAE’s vision and important global contributions. In this regard, the Ministry thanked UAE citizens for their positive conduct and behaviour abroad.


The Ministry expressed gratitude and appreciation to its employees and diplomats working locally and internationally for their dedication to enhancing the reputation of the UAE and its pioneering leadership role. Particular gratitude is also extended to ministries, government institutions, and private sectors in the UAE, as well as regional and international partners for their continued support over the past years in promoting global peace, security, and development.


The UAE, guided by its belief in the importance of building bridges of partnership and reinforcing peace and stability, wishes for peace and security across all nations and countries of the world.


The UAE expresses hope that 2024 will be a year of growth and prosperity, and looks forward to the new year with confidence and optimism that communication, diplomacy and economic integration will be used as tools that contribute to the region’s ability to address challenges and confront them, for the benefit of all.


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