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Business & Money | Thursday 6 June, 2024 10:00 am |

Unusual Payroll Enhances Global Mobility with Comprehensive Solutions

The business environment has become increasingly globalized in recent years, leading to companies expanding their borders, workforce, and clientele to new countries and regions. This is, however, no small feat. Internationalizing a business is time-consuming, costly, and complex. To ensure it is done effectively and in compliance with labor laws, it is critical for companies to work with specialists in the specific countries that they are expanding to, ensuring all relevant laws and regulations are followed throughout the process.


One of the countries that has been highly desired in terms of international expansion for many companies is the Netherlands, with its favourable business climate, various tax incentives, and highly skilled workforce. The Netherlands is an ideal destination for international business expansion with its strategic location, political stability, and business-friendly environment. As Europe’s largest port and the fourth-largest airport, the Netherlands is a major trading nation and the fifth-largest economy in the European Union, offering a strong and stable business environment. Incentives for highly skilled migrant visa holders, such as the 30% ruling, make the Netherlands favourable also for the employees of companies that have plans to expand to the Netherlands. Many companies rely on global mobility service providers to successfully expand their operations to the Netherlands. One of these service providers is the renowned Unusual Payroll, offering comprehensive Payroll/ Employer of Record Solutions and Global Mobility Services, all while holding IND recognition.


Two broad sets of services should be used by companies expanding their employees to the Netherlands: Payroll Solutions and Global Mobility Services.


Payroll Solutions/ Employer of Record services is a staffing approach where a payroll company (like Unusual Payroll in the Netherlands) employs staff in a foreign country and assigns them to the client company. In essence, the client company is leasing staff from the payroll company, leading to the client company gaining workforce in a different country without establishing an entity there. This arrangement transfers administrative responsibility to the payroll company, including employment contracts, income statements, wage management, and pension payments. With the assistance of Unusual Payroll, employees can relocate to the Netherlands smoothly, and our comprehensive payroll service ensures that all legal and fiscal obligations are met. Unusual Payroll, a licensed and trusted Employer of Record service provider in the Netherlands, simplifies the complexities of payroll and EOR, making companies' international expansion a stress-free and straightforward experience. Once employees are stationed in the Netherlands, Unusual Payroll also takes on responsibilities such as payroll processing, tax compliance, benefits administration, and employment contract management, relieving the client company of the administrative burden and allowing them to focus on their core business.


The second important part of expanding employees to the Netherlands without establishing a branch in the company is Global Mobility Services. These are hand in hand with Payroll Solutions/EOR services, acting as supporting services and ensuring a turn-key experience. Global Mobility Services cover all of the needs of employees relocating to the Netherlands outside of Payroll Solutions/EOR services, including International Tax Compliance, Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Assistance, 30% Ruling Application, Expat Tax Return Preparation, and Social Security Benefits and Coordination. Unusual Payroll furthermore extends its assistance by offering services that the families of expat employees can benefit from. The families of employees who are relocated to the Netherlands will also be able to join them. A recognized payroll company can apply for work and residence permits for their employees and the employee’s spouse and children. Payroll companies with IND recognition, like Unusual Payroll in the Netherlands, also ensure compliance with the Dutch Social Security regulations by managing the employee’s contributions, which could affect the family’s eligibility for certain benefits. Furthermore, in the Netherlands, certain tax benefits are related to children, such as child benefits (Kinderbijslag) and child-related tax credits. Unusual Payroll provides advice on how to ensure compliance in these areas. Unusual Payroll provides businesses with all these Global Mobility Services, ensuring the relocation of their employees is hassle-free and adheres to Dutch labor law compliance. When entrusting Unusual Payroll with their Global Mobility needs, client companies can focus on their business while ensuring successful employee relocation to the Netherlands.


When expanding to the Netherlands, it is wise for companies to rely on the Payroll/EOR and Global Mobility Services of Unusual Payroll. For the company, costs are cut by outsourcing payroll work, eliminating the need for an in-house team to cover this work. Unusual Payroll, an experienced Dutch payroll company, ensures compliance with all regulations. Finally, Unusual Payroll’s speed and efficiency of service delivery mean that companies can act rapidly on international opportunities, leading to quicker market penetration and increased competitiveness. Having support and guidance during the relocation process is invaluable for the employee. Employees who feel valued and supported during the relocation process are likelier to stay loyal and committed to their company, boosting morale and engagement. 


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