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B.B.C Paints color.expert

B.B.C Paints color.expert

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The company paints, solvents, pastes Industrial Co., Ltd. (BBC), one of the largest monuments industrial giant Kingdom where the plant in the industrial city second third sector on an area of ​​15000.00 m2 factory is equipped with the latest technical means specialized in manufacturing Decorative coverings, paints, timber, paints Iron & Metal , Paints protection, industrial paints and other paints different. - It is the fruit of these efforts industrial company was able to access their products to the best possible quality to suit the Middle East, especially climate Arab Gulf countries, which we have developed in the ranks of the leading companies in the manufacture of paints have adopted to achieve this on the use of advanced technologies in terms of experience, machinery and equipment, which operate Through advanced system of computers. - That our ambition and our determination to be the benefit derived by the client with paints (BBC) is the target has allowed us to this place distinct approach support our confident steps on the path of progress and expansion and gain experience. We have adopted in the investigation and implementation of this policy on the technical staff and marketing and administrative well-prepared, where the company adopted for this training program continues to refine the experiences of their employees, especially in the field of marketing and was our best chance of these efforts in terms of quality and price competition in the field of paints, markets and that are commensurate with all through distinct marketing policy. And through a distribution network inside and outside the Kingdom, making it easier for our customers to get our products more easily - And the observer of developments in the field of manufacture of paints must be noted the rapid development and enormous that it has reached Paints (BBC) in the markets of paints its diverse and sophisticated products and access to a quality mark (Saudi specifications and standards) and mark the ISO 9001 international quality.

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BlancheLuna Friday 19 November, 2021 1:19 pm
Hi! your article is really helpful for me. your guidance is really helpful for me, if you want to know more about the ideas for selection of paints colors for walls then you visit a website for more information.
RAHAT ALI Sunday 1 October, 2017 5:02 pm
paint without gloss for soffit of slab.
mohammed afzal ansari Thursday 27 April, 2017 6:36 pm
Today apply granotex product of bbc its very hard also a good looking for wall specialy shade 1205 & 1201
mohammed afzal ansari Saturday 22 April, 2017 10:19 pm
mohammed afzal ansari Saturday 22 April, 2017 10:17 pm

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