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Tasti D Lite

Tasti D Lite

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It's a frozen dairy dessert with less of what people don't need - fat, calories and carbs - and more of what they want … creamy, delicious taste. It's also a franchised retail concept that's perfectly positioned to capitalize on consumers' love for frozen desserts and the growing trend toward healthier living and eating.
Over the past 20 years Tasti D-Lite has become the favorite guilt-free daily indulgence of celebrities, supermodels and anyone who values their health - and cares about their shape.
Tasti D-Lite is not ice cream because it does not have the high butterfat or total solids content to be called ice cream. And it's not frozen yogurt because it doesn't contain active yogurt bacteria. Tasti D-Lite is a frozen dessert made from base mixes that use real dairy, the finest natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.

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