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Hamad Bin Saedan & Sons Real Estate Development Co.

Hamad Bin Saedan & Sons Real Estate Development Co.

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Hamad bin Saeedan & Sons real estate development is characterized by the ability to mobilize and fight a team of experienced professionals to deal with the complex challenges and requirements for the urgent provision of integrated services based on the highest standards and record levels of excellence. Dealing with customers means raising the level of knowledge in all fields to meet the requirements. And activities ranging from the reform and renewal / re-leasing existing buildings to the purchase of land is the globe and selling undeveloped land to others. And the ability to coordinate activities and converting ideas on paper into real property. And also the purchase of land and financing real estate transactions and building commissioning or non-building projects and innovation and regulation and control of the development process from beginning to end. Working with urban planners and civil engineers, architects, surveyors and inspectors, contractors, leasing agents and others to achieve continuous development and contributing to the issues of our society. Services: real estate development -khtt of operations, project management and specialized studies -lascharat -tsoeq -ttmin a real estate mortgage.

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