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Saudi Research and Media Group - SRMG

Saudi Research and Media Group - SRMG

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About SRMG From a small printing project residing in the heart of the city of Madina, to one of the biggest media establishments in the Middle East,a road full of success and a history rich with many stories of expansion, spread, and influence, that of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group. The journey covers each of its different companies and every activity of its pioneering media enterprises. It is a long and extended story of successes made by the minds of a leadership that was ever evolving, ever progressive in its thinking,, and always ahead of its time. The details have been written by successive generations in every location of the company, however big, however small. Between 1936 and 2011 not only have times and places changed for this ever growing entity, but also the features of the big picture. The details of structure have clearly changed as the Group has grown in stature and its investments expanded to cover publishing, printing, distribution, advertisement, public relations, multimedia, education, and modern media. It has {through its various media enterprises covering more than half a century} created a huge part of the media history of the region, and occupied a vast area of its successes, leaving its distinct mark on the road towards growth and development. Throughout this history it has been the captain of the media ship of the region; leading media towards where the needs of the public are fulfilled, their expectations met, and theirinterests and preoccupations satisfied.

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