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Al Ahsa Chamber

Al Ahsa Chamber

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Al-Ahsa'a Chamber was established in accordance with the Ministry of Commerce decision in 1402 AH. It is considered to be the first nucleus for the procession of development and giving for the private sector in Al-Ahsa'a Province. The chamber was established to complete this blessed procession with its counterparts of the kingdom chambers. The chamber aims at achieving many goals such as serving business sector and accomplishing it aspirations through caring for its interests. It aims also to raise the opinions and suggestions to the specialists and authorities of the government so as to reach the highest standards of performance and benefit from the available opportunities and potentials. It also participate effectively in the plans of development set by the government. The chamber acts as a channel between the government and this sector towards a better organization and efficiency. The chamber exerts all efforts to offer the best services in the field of commerce, industry and tourism alike to create additional chances in the progress of the private sector within the framework of its strategy that serve the private sector in Al-Ahsa'a Province through its different concerned administrations.

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