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Alemdad Institute

Alemdad Institute

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 A Saudi Group specializes in training, education and business development, consists of three specialized institutions complement each other, aimed at the development of institutions in terms of human and machine, procedural and converted from a manual system or semi-manual to electronic trading in order to keep the facility updates the times at the time of traditional and ruthless, especially after heading the Kingdom to e-government and e-commerce. The group consists of supply of the following: First: Institute for the supply of training: a specialized institute in the training of human resources using the computer and techniques of various performed by trained professionals with high qualifications and institute offers certified locally and internationally, as well as provide administrative courses creative belonging to leaders, managers, supervisors and others interested in the offered a group of specialists from inside and outside the Kingdom. Second: The Institute of Supply of languages: an institute specializing in teaching English through courses and curricula and the decisions of a diverse and comprehensive, Matmdhmn Ministry of Education Among the most famous universities in the world specialized teaching languages

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