11 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445 - 19 May 2024
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Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

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The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources was established in 1984 and entrusted with administering and organizing the energy sector in a way that achieves the national objectives. In light of the restructuring process of the energy sector, the responsibilities of the Ministry were amended to include the comprehensive planning process of the sector, and setting the general plans and ensuring their implementation in a way that achieves the general objectives of the energy sector, the most important of which is providing energy, in its various forms, for the development process, organizing its affairs, exchanging electric power with neighboring countries, and attracting international capital for investment in this field, especially the generation of electric power, the production of oil derivatives, transportation of oil and gas, and utilizing local energy sources.



The achievement of a secure sustainable supply of energy and an optimal utilization of natural resources.



Setting and developing the appropriate policies and legislations to achieve a secure sustainable supply of energy and the optimum utilization of natural resources complies with international best practices.


Core Values

1. Teamwork Spirit 

2. Knowledge Dissemination and Use

3. Integrity and Transparency 

4. Excellence and Entrepreneurship

5. Loyalty and Affiliation


Strategic Objectives

1. Consolidate and strengthen strategic thinking and governance practices
2. To maintain the security of supply of oil derivatives
3. Maintaining the security of supplying electricity
4- Increasing the contribution of natural gas in the total energy mixture
5. Increasing the contribution of renewable energy to the total energy mix
6 - exploitation of oil shale to produce oil and generate electricity
7. Developing local sources of oil and natural gas
8. Rationalize energy consumption and improve efficiency in all sectors
9. Increase investment in the mining sector
10. Monitoring and analysis of seismic information
11 - The latest standards and standards for laboratory analysis of soil, rock and water
12. Strengthening relations and international cooperation
13. Achieving efficient financial performance
14. Improving the efficiency of institutional performance
15. Human resource development and capacity-building

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