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Middle East University

Middle East University

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The Middle East University (MEU) was established on 30/6/2005 and began offering Master’s Degree programs right away. Two years later, the University began offering Bachelor’s degree programs in several majors, thus completing the link between knowledge and learning in the two stages of university education, the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

MEU is a national, educational, research, consultancy, and non -profit institution managed by a body of directors, a third of whom hold PhD degrees. It is an organ of the Middle East Company for Investment in Learning, which provides land lots, buildings, fixed assets, and other requirements for institutional accreditation. The University has a deep interest in knowledge as a driving force for spreading culture. It builds on the high scientific skills of students and prepares and provides them with such skills to fulfill the requirements of human development needed for keeping pace with international scientific development and its varied applications.

As universities are the lighthouses of science and knowledge, and as institutions manufacture future leaders, MEU contributes to fulfilling the motto “Knowledge is Strength”. Its founder built the foundations of this academic institution, taking this slogan as a guiding principle of realizing goals, against all potential adverse conditions. The University embodies this slogan by providing a unique scientific environment where students can discover means of acquiring knowledge. This is assured by its policies of recruiting teaching and administrative staff, of student admission selection processes, and in providing modern and advanced library, laboratories, and other facilities. This way, students find themselves immersed in a motivating scientific environment that is conducive for excellence and distinctiveness.



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