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Culture & Education | Wednesday 4 October, 2023 9:15 am |

32nd Annual INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit Seminar, and 15th Annual INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing Committee Meeting

The Supreme Audit Institute of the United Arab Emirates is currently hosting two significant events dedicated to advancing knowledge, expertise, and international collaboration in the realm of accountability and auditing.




Today, on October 3, the Working Group on IT Audit Seminar is in full swing in Abu Dhabi. This highly anticipated event brings together distinguished experts and professionals in information technology auditing from around the globe. Its primary objective is to augment the knowledge and capabilities of regulatory bodies when employing and auditing information technology. The seminar also serves as a forum for the exchange of experiences and dialogue, as well as the promotion of standards and guidelines development among working group members. 




Following the seminar, the fifteenth meeting of the Steering Committee for Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Services will convene on October 4. This crucial meeting plays a vital role in harmonizing the committee's tasks with the strategic goals and objectives of INTOSAI (International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions). It also champions collaboration amongst participating entities and supports the continual advancement of practices by establishing standards and procedures on best practices and research related to issues of common interest.




The hosting of these events underscores the Supreme Audit Institute's unwavering commitment to elevating its global strategic presence in the financial audit and accountability domain. These gatherings offer a unique opportunity for nurturing bilateral relations between nations, encouraging international cooperation, and facilitating the exchange of information and skills at an international level. Both events will see high-level discussions on the sidelines to enhance bilateral relations between the United Arab Emirates and other concerned nations.




In addition to a focus on IT auditing, these events support the premise that employing technology stands as an instrumental force in the evolution of control and auditing methods. It enables more efficient and precise tracking and analysis of data, thereby ensuring the reliability, integrity, and transparency of supervisory and administrative operations. Moreover, technology greatly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of control processes, ultimately reinforcing supervisory strategies on a global scale.




The Supreme Audit Institute eagerly anticipates welcoming participants from around the world at these important gatherings, with the expectation of productive discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaborations that will substantially advance global financial supervision and auditing practices.


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