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Eye of Dubai
Beauty & Style | Wednesday 10 June, 2020 10:56 am |


Amouage has unveiled its latest creative introspective for men, Interlude Black Iris. Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous painting of the eponymous name, Black Iris is a smooth new take on its popular 2012 predecessor, Interlude. The spicy, woody Eau de Parfum evokes an air of disorder while maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility through the inventive use of Orris, Frankincense and Myrrh. A truly orchestrated blend of technical skill and creative integrity brought to life by master perfumer Pierre Negrin, Interlude Black Iris represents a moment of internal harmony and self-reflection in a world of external chaos.


“Amouage is currently in what we like to call a 'creative interlude’ which makes Interlude Black Iris an appropriate first creation under the new stewardship of the brand. It takes time to understand the rich archives of a venerable house like Amouage and to be able to define a new direction that brings something new and interesting, while still staying true to the soul of the brand. That’s why Interlude Black Iris is not a totally new narrative but rather an homage to the past with the promise of new beginnings,” expressed Renaud Salmon, Chief Experience Officer at Amouage. “With Interlude Black Iris, I wanted to express the original inspiration of the tension between harmony and disorder through a more balanced and considered approach. The original Interlude presents some strong colour blocks in its composition and I wanted to reveal less obvious facets of the composition to make the nuances and beautifully textured patina smoother.”


Negrin explained, “Interlude Black Iris presents an odour profile that is less aromatic than the original Interlude. I reduced the rosemary note and removed the oregano note. In the original Interlude there is a sweet citrus tone that I have rebalanced so as to not take away from the opulence of the iris. This makes Interlude Black Iris feel both richer and creamier, and in turn its evolution becomes fuller and more profound over time. The buttery creaminess of the iris note lasts throughout the evolution of the fragrance.”


He added, “Orris absolute is one of the most expensive and exclusive raw materials a perfumer can use. Olfactively, iris brings refinement, power and richness. There is a particular kind of smoothness to the iris note that does not compromise the fragrance’s masculine feel. When used in combination with other notes, I find that there is an interesting licorice effect that is unique and brings with it an attractive texture and a novel olfactive perspective.”


Pierre Negrin is no stranger to Amouage having crafted no less than 13 of its fragrances over the years. His repertoire includes Interlude Man, Journey Woman and Man, Sunshine Man, Imitation Woman, Portrayal Woman and Man as well as Opus VI, VII, VIII, IX and XI. 


Interlude Black Iris is a manifestation of Amouage’s creative transformation. The new fragrance echoes its very own soundtrack, created by Belgian music producer Copal, while its captivating imagery was captured and romanticized through the lens of Russian visual artist Daniil Lavrovski.


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