14 Shawwal 1445 - 23 April 2024
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Environment & Energy | Friday 29 March, 2024 1:58 am |

Budget Saudi plants 2,000 saplings in Jeddah

Budget Saudi, the Kingdom’s leading car rental company, has reaffirmed its commitment to creating a more sustainable Saudi Arabia. In line with Vision 2030 and its ongoing efforts to achieve net-zero emissions, the car hire company has successfully planted 1,000 saplings in Jeddah’s Eastern Forest in collaboration with the Social Responsibility Association of Jeddah.

Marking the latest step taken by the company to contribute to the success of the Saudi Green Initiative, Budget Saudi’s decision to plant 1,000 young trees is in keeping with its work to realize the potential of the Jeddah Eastern Forest project and advance the development of the Kingdom’s circular economy. 

On 4 March 2024, over 12 volunteers and 18 Budget Saudi employees participated in the company’s latest corporate social responsibility initiative. This initiative reiterated Budget Saudi’s sustainable outlook and purpose-driven approach to pioneering innovative car rental products and services.

Budget Saudi and the Social Responsibility Association educated participants and volunteers on safeguarding the environment and their natural surroundings throughout the tree-planting drive. The event also raised greater awareness of the positive long-term impact of planting trees. It provided more insight into tree ecosystems and the rich diversity of plant types.

Leveraging its resources and access to an expansive fleet of vehicles, the company provided vital transportation services to its volunteers, enabling them to easily reach and navigate the Jeddah Eastern Forest project. 

Fawaz Abdullah Danish, President & Group CEO of Budget Saudi, said: “As a community-centric company that takes great pride in serving as a partner of choice to the Kingdom, driving its continued growth and success, we are very pleased to have planted 1,000 saplings in Jeddah’s Eastern Forest. Today, more so than ever, businesses and companies must play an active role in advancing the success of the country’s sustainability agenda. We believe that achieving the goals of Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiative is of the utmost importance, vital to safeguarding communities and future generations and boosting the national economy.”

He added: “Of course, everything we do at Budget Saudi is driven by the diligence and dedication of our people — an exceptional collective of employees committed to constant improvement and success. Our employees embody our values. They hold up a mirror to our principles, reflecting our eco-friendly spirit and way of working. This could be seen with our tree-planting initiative and the passion they demonstrated in — quite literally and figuratively — planting the seeds for a brighter, more sustainable future.” 

Commending the tree-planting drive’s participants for their contributions to enhancing the Saudi circular economy, Budget Saudi also presented its volunteers and employees with volunteering certificates, celebrating their hard work and civic spirit. 

As part of its mission to create a greener Saudi Arabia, Budget Saudi also collaborated with the Social Responsibility Association — on 27 March 2024 — to transform the Al-Shumaisi checkpoint in Jeddah. The company worked closely with His Excellency, Commander of the Road Security Forces in the Makkah Region, Colonel Bandar Al-Otaibi, to enhance the sustainability of the Al-Shumaisi checkpoint. Together with the Social Responsibility Association, Budget Saudi planted an additional 1,000 saplings around the Al-Shumaisi checkpoint, providing vehicles and transportation services to aid volunteers, as well as Iftar meals. Once more, the company shone a light on the diversity of trees planted and rewarded participants with certificates. 

The successful completion of the project reiterates Budget Saudi’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.


Over the years, Budget Saudi has launched a range of partnerships and offerings to achieve net-zero emissions. In 2023, Budget Saudi signed an agreement with one of the leading electric vehicles (EV) service providers to bolster the car rental company’s EV charging infrastructure. Budget Saudi has also partnered with automotive agencies to provide customers nationwide with greater access to world-class electric vehicles. 



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