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Culture & Education | Wednesday 15 March, 2023 3:00 pm |

Dubai-based actor model Shreyas Mehta launches high-street designer fashion brand ‘Flashmob Nation’

Actor-cum-model and the “Dubai Boy”-fame Shreyas Mehta’s high-street designer brand ‘Flashmob Nation’ was launched at the Dubai Design District, marking the dawn of homegrown labels in the city’s flourishing textile and cosmopolitan culture


Flashmob Nation, a high-street designer brand led by Dubai-based actor-cum-model Shreyas Mehta, was launched at the Design District, on 12th March, with great fanfare. The launch of a local high-street designer brand, Flashmob Nation, coincides with a unique juncture when the city is shaping a unique textile and cosmopolitan identity globally. 


Actor and model of the “Dubai Boy” fame, Shreyas Mehta is the brains behind Flashmob Nation, which he regards as a product of his decade-long work experience as a buyer and a lifelong desire to launch a label that empowers people in more ways than one. A well-timed launch, Flashmob Nation garnered an overwhelming and positive response from industry stalwarts and attendees. The brand frenzy carried over to the glittering after-party as well. 


“The launch of Flashmob Nation at Dubai Design District was special because of what we aim to achieve: A high-street designer brand that the city can call its own. My sincere gratitude to everyone who was part of this ambitious vision from the get-go. Your unconditional support, word-of-mouth efforts, and patronage turned this vision into a grand reality,” expressed Shreyas Mehta, who recently starred in Bravo TV's popular reality show 'Love Without Borders'.


A unisex brand with sartorial excellence and a strong sense of cosmopolitanism, Flashmob Nation has announced itself with diverse offerings. Its entire portfolio of dresses, t-shirts, partywear, denim, tracksuits, and more exhibit only a few uniformities: Premium material, eye-catching design, and an unapologetic sense of fashion. The inaugural collections include a bohemian ensemble called the ‘Snob Society’ and a fit-for-purpose set named the ‘Party Criminal’.


Sequin-heavy apparel dominates the collections with its exquisite attribute, bearing the stand-out promise of Flashmob Nation. From one-shoulder bodycon and mini dresses to contemporary crop tops to eccentric oversized jackets, sequin is the staple. Carefree clubbing is embodied by zip-up and buttoned co-ord sets in outlandish silver tones and solid colours. Shine-finish belted coats, faux fur corset tops, embellished denim, and vintage black blazers are not just party outfits but party starters in their own right. 


“Creative expression meets high-street fashion in our inaugural collections. We have drawn eclectic influences before designing them, be it reinterpreting the bygone textile culture or pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion. The core objective of Flashmob Nation is stylistic liberation; not to box itself within existing fashion paradigms,” added Mehta. 


His beliefs are best exemplified by avant-garde options such as distressed t-shirts and embroidered collars and cuffs in plain shirts and flamboyant “shackets”. And for those who seek modern minimalism, Flashmob Nation strikes a chord with its “Basic” collection of co-ord sets of hoodies and trousers. The inclusiveness, Mehta says, will always be the defining spirit of Flashmob Nation — Dubai’s all-new homegrown high-street designer brand. 


For more details and to browse through Flashmob Nation’s collections, please visit: https://instagram.com/flashmobnation?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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