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Environment & Energy | Thursday 24 August, 2023 2:06 am |

ENOC Group reinforces commitment to protecting the environment through its sustainability initiatives

In line with its vision to promote an inclusive green economy, ENOC Group, a leading integrated energy player, reiterated its commitment to protecting the environment by implementing a number of sustainability initiatives within its operations. From 2017 to 2022, cutting the cost of plastic bottles within its corporate departments by 86% resulted in an approximate reduction of 85% in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Simultaneously, the expenditure on papers was also reduced by 86% which resulted in the reduction of approximately 80% in GHG emissions during the same period.




ENOC Group continues to remain committed to concerted efforts to incorporate sustainable practices across all its operations. These initiatives support the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative.




Following the mandate from the leadership on banning Single Use Plastic (SUP), the majority of the Group's business units and corporate departments completely banned single-use plastic, which prevented approximately 14 tons of plastic waste from entering landfills and saved roughly AED 400,000 due to the elimination of single-use plastics since 2020.




His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC, said: “As a wholly owned Dubai government entity, ENOC Group is committed to supporting the UAE to achieve its Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiatives. Following the ban of single-use plastic, we have been raising further awareness on protecting the environment through numerous initiatives that have expanded to include paper and contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In the years ahead, we will continue to play a significant role in shaping the future of energy while supporting the UAE’s sustainability ambition.”




As a key contributor to the energy sector, ENOC Group is committed to implementing practices that are sustainable, digital, and innovative across its business units. During 2022, ENOC Group organised over 30 training sessions, 61 campaigns, and published 5 white papers on various topics related to sustainability to educate stakeholders.






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