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Eye of Dubai
Environment & Energy | Tuesday 28 November, 2023 9:12 am |

Estonia Targets 100% Renewable Energy by 2030, Showcasing Green Initiatives at COP28

As the Conference of the Parties (COP) 28 convenes in Dubai, Estonia stands ready to lead the charge in forging a sustainable future. The Estonian delegation arrives at this pivotal climate conference with a resounding commitment to illuminate the pathway towards a sustainable society. Through an unwavering dedication to exchange ideas and innovative solutions, Estonia aims to propel ambitious goals set forth by the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).




Prime Minister Kaja Kallas of Estonia reaffirmed the nation's strong dedication to climate action, asserting, "Estonia has significantly cut its CO2 emissions by 57% since reclaiming independence in 1991." This aligns with Estonia's collective ambitions within the European Union. She also highlighted Estonia's commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, with plans to phase out fossil fuel-based energy production by 2040. Notably, presently a third of Estonia's electricity is sourced from renewables, set to reach 100% by 2030.




Prime Minister Kallas emphasised the importance of the twin transition, merging digital and e-solutions to achieve climate objectives. Estonia's digital expertise and open business landscape position the country as an ideal hub for innovative greentech solutions. Many of these solutions will be showcased at COP28 in Dubai, underscoring Estonia's role as a pioneer in this domain.




At the heart of Estonia's delegation are government representatives including the Climate Minister, Mayor of Tallinn, EU Commissioner, UN Representative, and Climate Youth Delegate. 




This consortium of public and private sectors is primed to spotlight groundbreaking initiatives across three key topics:




Twin Transition: Leveraging Estonia's digital expertise to drive the green transition.


Waste as a Resource: Championing a circular economy and green technologies through pioneering projects.


Climate-Proof Future Cities: Showcasing digital infrastructure and nature-based solutions for climate adaptation.


Estonia's commitment to environmental stewardship has seen innovative projects transforming oil shale ash into emission-free calcium carbonate and producing asphalt from wood residues, underscoring its drive towards a sustainable, circular economy.




"Estonia's transition is not only an environmental necessity but a gateway to economic opportunities," notes Prime Minister Kallas. This transformation, infused with sustainability, fosters an ecosystem of green innovation, technology, and services, shaping a new economy ripe for growth.




Estonia's ethos of innovation embraces adaptability, showcased through pioneering projects in e-governance, cleantech initiatives, and other green innovations.




As COP28 unfolds, Estonia stands poised to share its success stories, innovation, and commitments, offering a beacon of hope and inspiration for a greener, sustainable future.


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