06 Muharram 1446 - 12 July 2024
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Technology & IT | Tuesday 14 May, 2024 11:46 am |

Future Festival 2024 set to highlight AI-driven innovations and connect industry leaders for the first time in Dubai

Featuring a series of innovative sessions and workshops, the renowned ‘Future Festival’ will be organised by Trend Hunter, a leading trend platform and innovation accelerator, at the Expo City Dubai on June 5 and 6, 2024, in collaboration with DXB Live, the integrated event management and experiential agency of Dubai World Trade Centre.




The summit will bring together industry professionals and global tech enthusiasts to discuss the revolutionary implications of artificial intelligence and other trend predictions, aligning with the UAE's National Strategy Artificial Intelligence 2031 which reflects the country's vision of becoming a global leader in AI by 2031. The event also aims to highlight the importance of investing in relevant industries and individuals to drive innovation. This will be accomplished through a series of engaging sessions and workshops in which participants will delve into critical topics influencing the future of AI and its implications on various industries, including food and beverage, mobility, hospitality, and medicine. 




More importantly, this year’s event features a distinguished lineup of keynote speakers who have made a significant impact in their respective industries, such as – Dr. Jassim Al Awadi, Digital Transformation Principle from DU, Dr. Haythem Riahi, Co-Founder and CEO of Circe Biotics, Mariam Hashem, Head Solutions and Partnerships of GE Healthcare, and Aram Petrosyan, Founder and CEO, Goodini Real Estate. Jonathon Brown, CSO of Trend Hunter, will explore the concept of 'Imagined Orders' and their impact on shaping behaviour and fostering cooperation. Based on in-depth interviews with innovation leaders, he will present a thoughtfully curated set of innovation strategies and methods, such as Adidas' well-known ‘Project Funeral,’ aimed at encouraging constructive methods for assisting teams in handling failure.




Khalid Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB LIVE, stated, “Artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally disrupt Middle Eastern markets with innovative services and business models. AI is becoming more and more prevalent in today's world, which is why it is critical to comprehend both the various applications and benefits of AI. As a result, events like the Future Festival play a key role in uniting innovators and enthusiasts to interact, share knowledge, and initiate real change in the field. We therefore look forward to making the most of this opportunity, as well as driving innovation, maximising potential, and assessing trends and prospects for 2024 and beyond."




Major sessions in focus will include Jeremy Gutsche’s keynote addresses -- 'The Accelerated Pace of Change,' 'A.I. and the Inflection Point,' and 'Keys to Creating the Future' -- in which actionable strategies will be introduced for driving innovation, dealing with change, and overcoming obstacles in the age of AI. Attendees will gain insights into fostering high-performance cultures, optimising performance amidst uncertainty, and overcoming obstacles to sustainable growth. The ‘Megatrends’ session, in which Trend Hunter breaks down the world’s fast-moving trends based on relevant consumer choices, and the ‘Innovation and Trend Hunting Panel’ session that sheds light on the intersection of success, innovation, and the evolving influence of AI, is also scheduled to take place during the conference.




Jeremy Gutsche, CEO and Innovation Expert at Trend Hunter stated: “In an age of rapid change, it is critical to establish a culture of high performance and adaptability to ensure sustained growth. At this year’s Future Festival, participants will gain insights into empowering their teams to innovate and embrace change, especially about the evolving implications of AI. This is also in line with the UAE’s National Strategy Artificial Intelligence 2031, which reflects the country’s vision of becoming a global leader in AI by 2031. Together, we hope to develop a shift in mindset that is crucial to achieving success and evaluate concrete strategies that can turn goals into quantifiable results.






Additionally, participants will have access to the ‘Healthcare Technology’ session which is a nuanced evaluation of the industry, ‘Innovation Tactics’ session which aims to comprehend case studies, best practices, and ideas for accomplishing objectives, ‘Food and Beverage Leisure’ session to explain the ongoing transformation in the industry, along with the ‘Food Leisure’ session to discuss how AI impacts the CPG, restaurant, and culinary industries. 




Other sessions include ‘Future Tech and the Next Frontier,’ which will be led by Sean Scharf, CCO of Trend Hunter, and will highlight the transformative influence of AI on creativity, efficiency, and consumer interaction. In addition to providing insights into a smarter, more innovative future, Sean will also discuss the profound effects of AI on the workforce, consumer experience, and everyday life. Likewise, the ‘Reflection and Reprioritisation’ session will distil the most significant learnings and insights from the event for participants.




According to International Data Corporation, annual spending on AI in the Middle East and Africa is anticipated to increase by 32 per cent. The UAE stands to benefit the most from this, especially as the technology sector is set to contribute approximately USD 97 billion to the country's GDP. 


The UAE is also committed to achieving the goals outlined in the UAE Centennial 2071, and has begun integrating AI into government operations, which promises to improve efficiency and effectiveness, positioning the country as a global leader in AI applications. Assuming that automation is extensively implemented in each industry, the UAE could benefit from an increase in economic output of AED 335 billion.




The Future Festival, which has Expo City and the Dubai Future Foundation as Strategic Partners, not only showcases Dubai's commitment to advancing AI, but further supports the UAE's broader AI Strategy, which aims to accelerate growth in the fields of community welfare, education, economy, and the government. With its valuable insights into the rapidly evolving world of technology, Trend Hunter – the largest community for trend spotting across industries – will also play a key role in supporting this influential forum. As expectations rise, the 'Future Festival' will serve as a point of inspiration, allowing participants to embark on a journey of knowledge and collaboration. 


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