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Tourism & Hospitality | Wednesday 21 February, 2024 9:35 am |

Hilton Makkah Culinary Team Triumphs at Saudi HORECA 2024, Securing Gold, Silver, and Bronze Accolades

Hilton Makkah proudly announced a remarkable achievement at the prestigious Saudi HORECA 2024 cooking competition, held February 5-7th in Jeddah. The hotel's talented culinary team secured a stunning haul of accolades, including a Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards and merits, firmly establishing themselves as culinary leaders in the Haram area.


This notable victory represents not only individual triumphs but also collective collaboration within the Hilton Makkah family. Winning teams hail from the esteemed Conrad Makkah, Hilton Makkah Convention Center, and Hilton Suites Makkah, underlining the strength and talent present across all three properties.


Hilton Suites Makkah garnered recognition with Ummar Farook receiving a Merit award and Mohammed ElNeqlawy achieving both "Best Hygiene" and a Bronze Award. Additionally, Soni Susandi received a Merit award for his skills.


Conrad Makkah chefs also impressed the judges. Mohamed Abd El Kader secured a Silver award, while Nadeem Saleem earned a "Best Hygiene Merit Certificate." Mohammed Mashkur and Jiffry Sulaiman each received Merit Certificates, demonstrating their talent across various culinary disciplines. It's important to note that Ahmad Ayob served as a valuable assistant to the Horeca committee, contributing to the overall success.


The Hilton Makkah Convention Center team achieved remarkable results as well, with Mohammed Hosny securing an impressive two Gold awards and one Silver award. Saad Mohammed added to the team's victory with three Bronze awards, while Elbannairpan Rahadyana Udus Abdul Kudus brought home a Silver and a Bronze award. Both Syed Rabbani and Yusuf Alfan received Merit Certificates, further solidifying the team's expertise.


Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Bassam Ammar, General Manager of Hilton Makkah & Convention Center, said: “We are very proud of the outstanding performance of our food and beverage experts and chefs in the Saudi Horeca 2024 competitions.


“These awards are a testament to their dedication, creativity and passion for crafting exceptional, creative culinary experiences. Their commitment to excellence goes beyond the competition stage, impacting every guest who walks through the hotel’s doors.”


Mr. Serkan Yalçınkaya, General Manager of Conrad Makkah also added: “Hilton Makkah is committed to providing exceptional dining experiences that cater to the diverse needs of travelers and pilgrims in the Haram area. Our team's success at Saudi HORECA 2024 is an indication to their dedication to culinary excellence and their ongoing efforts to elevate the overall food scene in the area.”


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