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Technology & IT | Wednesday 17 April, 2024 1:25 pm |

HONOR Magic6 Pro Review: A Flagship Powerhouse with AI Magic in the Details

HONOR continues to surprise us all! The giant smartphone manufacturer has come out with its next iteration of its flagship Magic series, the all-new HONOR Magic6 Pro. The all-new smartphone takes on the competition and I've been fortunate to get my hands on the HONOR Magic6 Pro recently, allowing me to explore the latest flagship offering from HONOR. True to its name, the HONOR Magic6 Pro impresses with its stunning design, cutting-edge AI functionalities, powerful performance, and a display that's easy on the eyes. But does it truly deliver Magic? Let’s discover. 


Design and Appearance 


At first glance, the HONOR Magic6 Pro has a curved screen on all sides and its back texture makes it easy to hold. You know this is an HONOR device by its tell-tale star Wheel Triple Camera design for its camera. HONOR says that the design of HONOR Magic6 Pro draws inspiration from luxury wearables, and indeed, the device boasts several impressive features. 


Opting for the Epi Green color option, I find its combination of vegan leather on the back with the metal touch to be visually pleasing. Notably, the rear camera design features a distinctive "cushion-like" design that immediately captures attention, while the gold accent surrounding the rear camera adds a touch of uniqueness.


AI Takes Center Stage 


Artificial intelligence is a key part of the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s imaging experience thanks to the revolutionary AI Motion Sensing Capture. This feature leverages the phone's processing power and advanced AI algorithms to analyze the scene in real-time.  The AI constantly monitors the frame for movement. This allows it to predict when an action is about to happen, like a jump shot in basketball or a child's laughter-filled leap. 


Once motion is detected, the AI locks focus on the moving subject, ensuring sharp and clear capture. This is particularly helpful for fast-paced activities where traditional autofocus might struggle. But here's the magic – the AI analyzes the burst and selects the absolute best frame, the one that captures the peak of the action with perfect clarity.


Hardware-wise, the smartphone has a triple-camera setup, comprising a 50MP Wide camera, 50MP Ultra-wide camera and 180MP Periscope Telephoto camera that supports up to 100X digital zoom. 


HONOR Magic Portal 


The Magic6 Pro also offers a feature called Magic Portal as a part of MagicOS 8.0. It predicts which app you'll want to share content through and lets you transfer it in one step. For example, if you're browsing a restaurant address in a text message, you can use the Magic Portal to drag the message to maps applications with a simple swipe to the right. A refreshing aspect is that Magic Portal works with a wide range of apps, not just HONOR’s pre-installed ones. This makes it a more versatile tool.


Exceptional Durability in Multiple Scenarios


HONOR Magic6 Pro features the industry's top scratch-resistant screen glass, known as the HONOR NanoCrystal Shield. This cutting-edge technology involves applying advanced materials with 50% improvement in crystal density, boosting the display’s hardness and resistance to scratches. It offers a significant improvement in scratch resistance, giving you peace of mind during everyday use.


Security Above All 


AI Privacy Call 3.0 on HONOR Magic6 Pro is a fascinating innovation with the potential to revolutionize mobile communication privacy. The ability to prevent sound leakage during calls offers a layer of security in an increasingly connected world. 


A Display That Cares for Your Eyes


One of the features I truly appreciate is the eye comfort focus of the display. It offers excellent brightness and clarity, but more importantly, it reduces harmful blue light emissions through incorporating human-centric innovations, including industry’s highest 4320Hz PWM technology, Dynamic Dimming, Customized Circadian Night Display and Nature Tone Display. This makes a big difference during extended gaming sessions or late-night browsing, minimizing eye strain. 


HONOR Magic6 Pro is a strong competitor in the flagship phone arena. It offers top-of-the-line performance, a gorgeous design that turns heads, and a camera system that captures stunning photos and videos. The innovative AI features add a futuristic touch, and the eye-care display is a welcome addition for health-conscious users. If you're looking for a powerful phone packed with features and a hint of future tech, HONOR Magic6 Pro is an ideal option. 


Pricing and Availability


HONOR Magic6 Pro is available for purchase in Black and Epi Green for SAR 3999. Upon purchase, consumers will get free gifts worth SAR 2158 including HONOR Watch GS 3, HONOR Care+ and more. Consumers can get HONOR Magic6 Pro through HONOR Experience Store, HONOR Online Store, Jarir Bookstore, eXtra, STC, Zain, Lulu, Amazon, Noon & other stores.





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