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Eye of Dubai
Beauty & Style | Friday 4 September, 2020 2:43 pm |

How to Get a Custom Engagement Ring in Dubai?

Everyone wants their engagement ring to be one of a kind. Your diamond ring should not only sparkle but also gleam the colors of your personality. It has to stand out from the crowd and a customized ring is the way to do it. 

Did you know that Dubai is considered one of the best places to get a custom diamond engagement ring? 

The prices are low because there is no tax or duty on imports. There are some of the world’s best brands so you don’t have to worry about the quality or integrity of the items.

We asked Emily from Fergus James, a diamond jewelry business that specializes in designing custom engagement rings to share some tips. Here’s what she has to offer:

Make your mind

Start early if you want to design your own ring. Search online and check different designs to get some inspiration. It’s better to have something similar to what you have in your mind instead of just trying to describe it in words. But it’s fine if you don’t have an image because custom ring designers will usually share a rough sketch or an image to avoid any misunderstanding before creating the ring. You can also use the interactive “design your own ring” pages on the website. Choose the shape, color of the metal, diamond color, and size and it will show you the look.

Do Your Research

Do your research but do not make a choice based on the cost alone. A diamond ring is a once in a lifetime purchase so you should deal with an established business. Go through the reviews because that will give you an idea of how cooperative that business is. Custom ring design can be a long process and you must deal with someone who has the patience and expertise to understand and implement your change requests. 

How negotiable are the prices? 

There are hundreds of jewellery shops in markets like Gold Souk Dubai. Most of them are famous brands which means the prices are fixed. However, these “fixed” prices can still be a little negotiable. This is especially true for custom rings because you can negotiate on the fees.

But the price should never be the decisive factor. You might find a diamond jeweler in Dubai who quotes a very low price. But they will end up costing you more because a finished product that is less than perfect will be a waste of time and money.

Ordering a custom ring online:

If you are in Dubai, it’s always better to have a face to face meeting. You can easily book an appointment and explain your requirements in a one-to-one meeting with the designer or diamond curators. And even if you are not in Dubai, you can get on a video conference. We have an interactive “design your ring” section on our website where anybody can choose a diamond shape, color, size, metal color, and other details to see how their custom ring will look. Custom rings are delivered worldwide without any extra cost.  

Jewelry markets and malls

Dubai has some of the world’s largest gold and jewelry markets like Dubai Gold Souk, Deira City, or Mall of the Emirates where you will find an array of jewelry shops. Some of them are international brands but there are plenty of local vendors as well. Most of them are reliable but it is still better to look them up online and go through their reviews. Diamonds usually come with globally recognized certifications so you don’t need to worry about the genuineness or authenticity. When buying diamond jewelry, the closer you can remain to the established commercial centers, the better.


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How to Order a Diamond Ring Online from Dubai?
How to Order a Diamond Ring Online from Dubai?
Thursday 3 September, 2020 2:42