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Culture & Education | Wednesday 8 June, 2022 10:48 am |

‘Inspirational’ graduate scheme greets third batch of Saudi students

A Red Sea Development Company discussion check-in as part of its annual Elite Graduate Program has been hailed as “inspirational” and “energizing” by the latest group of students enrolled in the course.



The Riyadh meet-and-greet, led by TRSDC CEO John Pagano, welcomed the third batch of students taking part in the course, which aims to mentor young Saudis and create job opportunities, especially in the Kingdom’s growing tourism and hospitality sectors.

Mohammed Al-Ghuraiyr, a student enrolled in the program, told Arab News that the session “was inspiring, and gave us hope to build the future of tourism and hospitality in Saudi Arabia.”


Al-Ghuraiyr, who works as a project delivery specialist in the program, described Pagano as a “great leader who offers positivity and motivation.”

The program takes Saudi graduates through a comprehensive on-the-job training course.

TRSDC executives sat down with some enrolled graduates to connect one-on-one, and also appeared virtually to answer questions and offer guidance.

Pagano was accompanied by Ahmad Darwish, the company’s chief administrative officer, and Tim Williams, group head of people strategy and culture.



“Meeting the CEO and CAO reminded me how lucky we are as Elites to have an opportunity like this and to be able to join such a leading project,” Noor Al-Matrood, a marketing specialist enrolled in the program, told Arab News.

“We noticed the care and enthusiasm shown by our leaders, which energized us to work harder and learn every lesson that comes our way,” she said.

Jumana Baghaffar, who works as an architectural specialist in the program, said that the scheme is the start of an amazing future for her.

“I am looking forward to seeing where TRSDC’s ambitions will lead us. This is just the beginning,” she said.

The program’s third edition began on March 8. All enrolled students are recent graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Students go through a set of assessments and interviews before being selected for their streams, which focus on operations, cybersecurity, project development, corporate wellness, smart destination, finance and investment, project delivery, cost, commercial and procurement, environment and sustainability, and internal audit.

Students are considered full-time employees with a two-year trainee contract.

Usamah Al-Shahrani, an enrolled student working as a landscape architecture specialist with the Red Sea Development Company, said: “Leading sustainable development, creating groundbreaking (work) and being ambitious reflects on us as Saudi youth.”

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