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Beauty & Style | Monday 8 May, 2023 12:52 pm |

Interview with Shreyas Mehta - Founder of FlashMob Nation, model, and actor

What is FlashMob Nation? What inspired it? What does it mean to the Middle East and its growing fashion-conscious generation?


FlashMob Nation is a fashion brand specializing in global high-street designer wear with Middle Eastern considerations. So, it is uniquely positioned at the intersection of the region’s flourishing cosmopolitanism and unique cultural identity. FlashMob is an amalgam of my experiences as a ‘fashion buyer’ for a regional brand, a career model, and an actor. Most importantly, the homegrown brand is inspired by my social milieu, which emphasizes personal grooming, occasion-specific dressing, and standing out from the crowd. So, FlashMob panders to the growing fashion-conscious generation, particularly the young population. 


How is the regional fashion landscape from an entrepreneurial standpoint? What are the opportunities and challenges it presents?


Fashion retail in the Middle East is brimming with opportunities, especially following the post-pandemic reopening and accompanying mega events such as the Dubai Expo and Qatar FIFA World Cup. While those events were a timely shot in the arm, structural tailwinds such as increasing disposable income, steady consumer spending, and a strong appetite for newness in fashion are now driving growth in the sector. The rising role of the younger generation in defining textile culture, designs, and value, too, has opened a pipeline of entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, supply-side disruptions and protracted inflation are eating away at brands’ margins. Needless to say, success belongs to entrepreneurs who see opportunities where others see challenges. 


Does entrepreneurial success in creative domains such as fashion require unique attributes and skill sets? What has helped you bring your ideas to fruition?


Entrepreneurial success has multiple determinants, some of which are sensitive to market forces and thus beyond anyone’s control. The same goes for ventures in creative domains like fashion. However, entrepreneurs with unyielding passion and strengths realized and nurtured from formative years have an edge in fashion designing and other creative careers. I was geared toward acting and modelling from when I was a teenager — interests I fortified through a bachelor’s degree in media, a master’s in fashion design, and a decade-long career in the industry. In other words, the seeds of FlashMob Nation were sown several years ago. In this regard, the recent launch was those efforts finally bearing fruit. 


Please elaborate on the FlashMob Nation launch, the inaugural collections, and their targeted audience. How is the customer response?


The inaugural collections traverse a broad spectrum of styles, from eccentric to minimalistic options. The ‘Snob Society’ drop includes apparel that is experimental and high-street: Oversized jackets, jazzy “shackets”, and co-ord sets in unconventional colours. Likewise, the ‘Party Criminal’ ensemble, true to its name, brings shine-finish belted coats, faux fur corset tops, and vintage outfits, among others, to relive the bygone era. Broadly, the inaugural collections have generous use of embroidery and sequin. Conversely, the ‘Basic’ collection offers outfits such as hoodies and trousers where substance precedes style. Across the catalogue, premium fabric, durability, and the stand-out element remain uniform. 




All in all, there is something for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, and fashion choices. Varied options from the outset are aimed at upholding inclusive fashion and building on it. The overwhelming response since the launch validates the direction we are heading with FlashMob Nation. 




What is next for FlashMob Nation from a business standpoint? 


We are currently evaluating the response to specific collections, hoping to channel the resulting insights toward design considerations for the next drop. We have a steep learning curve ahead of us — which we are eager to subject ourselves to. Concurrently, we are looking to methodically build our online and brick-and-mortar presence pan-Middle East, keeping sustainable growth at the core. Most importantly, we are banking on our unique value proposition of being a homegrown high-street designer brand that is in sync with the region’s contemporary culture and zeitgeist. Going forward, it is a matter of keeping pace, continually offering value to our customers, and meaningfully contributing to the growth of the Middle East's fashion industry. 


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