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Beauty & Style | Monday 24 June, 2024 12:57 pm |

“Jazeera Paints” Selects the Best Colors for Gaming Rooms with Exceptional Design in Collaboration with Pantone LLC.

Jazeera Paints”, the leading company in the industry of paints, colors and construction solutions in KSA and MENA, selected a distinctive range of colors suitable for gaming rooms, in collaboration with Pantone Color Institute, as a unique workshop was conducted by bringing together “Jazeera Paints” Company and Pantone, along with a group of color and decor experts and gaming enthusiasts, to create an exceptional gaming room that reflects your personality and interests, ensuring you live fun and joyful gaming moments.


A computer mouse on a grey surface

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Cosmic Black G-0038


Cosmic Black G-0038 is considered a fundamental color in the gaming room color system, with a deep black shade that immerses your space in the vastness of the night sky, effortlessly harmonizing with furniture and lighting, giving a unique impression of mystery and enchanting elegance to a room with sophisticated and timeless design.


A blue and black chair

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Epic Red RD-0178


Epic Red RD-0178 is one of the perfect colors for boosting focus, making it a fantastic choice for gaming rooms, as its dynamic shade of red fills you with energy and excitement. This color is characterized by an incredible power that stirs the soul and invigorates ideas for unforgettable moments of vibrant, creative, and positively charged gameplay.


A desk with a chair and a computer

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Neon Green GR-0378


Neon Green GR-0378 emulates the beauty of nature and enhances the feeling of freshness and vitality with its vibrant green color. It embodies life and growth and harmonizes stunningly with gaming rooms, adding a touch of tranquility and harmony to the gaming and entertainment environment.


A white and black video game controllers

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Cyber Cyan BL-0234


Cyber Cyan BL-0234 with its vibrant turquoise hue transports us to bright and promising futuristic worlds, and adds a touch of vitality and excitement to gaming rooms. It stimulates creativity and interaction, creating a space filled with stimulating atmospheres that encourage stepping out of the ordinary and thinking outside the box, thus creating an enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience that invokes imagination and unveils new horizons of adventures and challenges.


A group of gaming devices

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Pixel Pink MG-0036


Pixel Pink MG-0036 gives a touch of charm and femininity to its surroundings with its vibrant pink color filled with feelings of joy derived from its striking and lively presence. It perfectly complements girls' gaming rooms, creating an atmosphere of sweetness, softness, and comfort, enhancing relaxation and enjoyment of beautiful moments.


Whenever you desire to try one of such colors in different spaces of your home, you can use the Color Visualizer, to get a true perception of your chosen color during the day and night periods. 



About "Jazeera Paints"


Founded in Riyadh in 1979, “Jazeera Paints” is a company specializing in manufacturing, producing, and exporting high-quality paints in accordance with the highest sustainability and environmental security standards. Over the last decades, Jazeera Paints has successfully maintained its top-notch place as one of the most prominent companies that manufacture paints and dyes in MENA, with an annual production capacity exceeding 500,000 tons and more than 750 active showrooms inside and outside KSA.


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