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Tourism & Hospitality | Wednesday 29 November, 2023 12:17 pm |

Media Rotana and Dubai National School-Al Barsha United for a Heartwarming UAE National Day Celebration with Red Crescent Children

In a Unison of Hearts and Harmony, Media Rotana, Dubai, teamed up with UAE Red Crescent and Dubai National School-Al Barsha for their yearly celebration on the occasion of UAE National Day, bringing smiles to children. The event, focused on simplicity and joy, reflected Media Rotana's commitment to community and children's well-being.


Media Rotana played host children, a mix of children from the Red Crescent and students from Dubai National School–Al Barsha. The event, characterized by its simple sophistication, unfolded with a meticulously crafted agenda designed to create enduring memories and spread joy among the young attendees.


Reflecting the core values of Media Rotana, the event exuded a commitment to community engagement and the welfare of children. Sherif Madkour, the General Manager of Media Rotana, conveyed his appreciation for the privilege of participating in this impactful occasion:

"At Media Rotana, Dubai we believe in the transformative power of collective action to create meaningful moments. Our collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent and Dubai National School-Barsha for the UAE National Day celebration is a testament to our commitment to social causes. Witnessing the smiles on the faces of these children reaffirms the positive impact we can achieve when united for a shared purpose. We are honoured to contribute to the well-being of the community and to be part of such a meaningful event".


This event stands as a poignant testament to Media Rotana's enduring dedication to philanthropy and community enrichment. The hotel extends sincere gratitude for the collaborative effort with the UAE Red Crescent and Dubai National School - Barsha, acknowledging the profound significance of such initiatives in fostering unity and compassion within the community. Media Rotana remains steadfast in its pursuit of creating a positive and lasting impact on society.


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