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Cars & Autos | Tuesday 19 September, 2023 1:32 am |

Najm launches 2nd phase of its Awareness Campaign: “Insure and Be Safe.”

As part of its role in supporting the Kingdom’s insurance sector and the beneficiaries of its services, Najm for Insurance Services launched the second phase of the “Insure and Be Safe” campaign in conjunction with the directives of the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), and in cooperation with the General Traffic Department, and all insurance companies. 

The campaign aims to achieve traffic safety and enhance community awareness around the importance of vehicle insurance and the benefits of electronic services and incentives provided by the vehicle insurance sector. Examples include the ‘no-claims discount,’ in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions. 


Through this campaign and in collaboration with the relevant authorities, Najm seeks to amplify this media campaign and increase societal awareness of vehicle insurance and stress the importance of obtaining an insurance policy to protect oneself from traffic accidents, God willing, while enjoying the safety and peace of mind of having insurance. The campaign also encourages vehicle drivers to adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

And as a continuation of the sector’s efforts to urge vehicle drivers, especially after the General Traffic Department’s decision to automate monitoring the violation of “lack of valid vehicle insurance”, Najm, based on the applicable directives and regulations, has updated the rules for obtaining a ‘No Claim Discount’ (NCD), and the process of liaising with insurance companies is still an instantaneous technique when customers inquire about policy prices in order to facilitate discounts for companies operating in the sector starting from 20% to encourage the purchase of vehicle insurance policies and motivate all drivers and vehicle owners to purchase insurance policies to preserve their rights and protect them from the consequences of traffic accidents, God forbid.

Commenting on this initiative, the Acting CEO of Najm, Mohammad Al-Shehri said: “The ‘Insure and Be Safe’ campaign aligns with Najm's strategy of enhancing the insurance sector’s role in raising the prevalence of vehicle insurance and increasing awareness around the importance of traffic safety among vehicle drivers. This is achieved by educating the community on the importance of being insured and its benefits for the beneficiary, including reducing material losses and saving time and effort to follow up on traffic accident procedures. Essentially, the campaign aligns with Vision 2030’s goal of improving the quality of life among the population.”


He added: "I also encourage vehicle drivers to use the 'Najm Application,’ which offers many advantages in addition to being able to report accidents. These include learning about one’s entitlement to an insurance discount when purchasing a policy, and the ability to verify the validity of the insurance policy and the insurer’s record, or inquire about insurance documents, printing forms or notices.”


This campaign is a continuation of the efforts made by Najm to spread awareness around insurance and traffic safety to make the Kingdom's roads safer, in line with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030. 


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