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Technology & IT | Tuesday 11 June, 2024 9:17 am |

On-Device AI Emerges as a Major Industry Trend Spearheaded by HONOR and Apple

The smartphone industry is on the cusp of a revolution, as AI is rapidly transforming the way we interact with our devices. Just yesterday, at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled a slew of new AI announcements to embrace on-device AI that protects users’ privacy by processing data directly on the device and makes user experiences personal. 


But Apple is not the first smartphone manufacturer to introduce on-device AI to smartphones. The industry has been led by pioneering Android smartphone players like HONOR, which unveiled its on-device AI approach earlier this year and recently grabbed headlines at trade shows like Mobile World Congress (MWC) and Viva Tech. 


Described by CNN as “reimagining the way we use our smartphones,” and BBC as being “transformational for the way in which we engage with devices in the future,” experts see HONOR’s AI approach as the way forwards for the smartphone industry. Before WWDC, Tom’s Guide predicted that Apple would take a “very similar” approach to HONOR, and now Apple’s conference has taken place, we can see that Apple is very much following in HONOR’s footsteps.


Apple Following HONOR’s Path of Intent-based AI, Multimodal Interaction and Protecting Users’ Privacy


HONOR unveiled its four-layer AI strategy earlier this year, and industry experts are noting that Apple’s approach bears a striking resemblance. Both brands see on-device AI as an important way to protect users’ privacy by processing personal data on the device rather than in the cloud. 


But it’s not only about data privacy, as both brands also recognize the potential of on-device AI to really draw personal context and provide users with the most relevant and personalized services


While Apple unveiled Apple Intents this time, HONOR’s MagicOS 8.0 launched earlier was called the industry’s first intent-based UI. Its Magic Portal feature anticipates users’ intent and streamlines complicated processes into a single step across apps. For example, users can swipe on a location mentioned in a text message to directly open a ride hailing app and book a taxi in one single step.


Every day your devices are accompanying you and learning about you, and considering how to empower and help you,” said George Zhao, the CEO of HONOR, in a recent interview with CNN.


Multimodal interaction is another trend that both companies emphasized, which allows users to control their devices in new ways. The CNN piece highlighted that HONOR became the first smartphone brand to enable eye-controlled interactions. “Multimodal interaction will be our future,” said HONOR CEO, indicating that the approach is set to yield even more user-friendly innovations. 


HONOR's Pioneering Four-layered Approach to AI  


Unveiled at Viva Tech in May, HONOR’s pioneering AI approach prioritizes local processing wherever possible. The first layer is Cross-device and Cross-system, ensuring seamless connectivity between devices. Secondly, the Platform-level AI layer understands user preferences and enhances usability. The third layer is Application-level AI, used for tasks like image segmentation and video rendering. Lastly, the Cloud-based AI layer leverages large AI models from the cloud, delivering advanced AI functionalities and experiences on the device. 


A Look Ahead: The Future of On-Device AI


HONOR's pioneering work with multilayer AI serves as a blueprint for the industry. Its focus on user privacy and secure local processing, combined with the flexibility of cloud services, positions HONOR as the leader of the on-device AI revolution. HONOR's approach represents the future of this transformative technology, Apple is clearly following suit, and the wider industry is expected to do the same. With HONOR leading the charge, we can expect a future of smarter, more secure devices that empower users and prioritize privacy.


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